CAS Article: Habitat Trip to Thailand.

by jonathanhamilton on October 10, 2012

Most of you must have heard about the recent six-day trip organized by Habitat for Humanity where many of our own CDNIS students went to Rayong, Thailand, to build a house for a family. This trip is an excellent example of the ‘S’ component in CAS, as our students actually get to work under the sun and experience building a house as a service for the locals. So what happens on a Habitat trip like this?  Here we reveal some inside stories of the trip…

Students spent four of the six days building. Since the frame of the house was already complete, they started by transporting sand, gravel, bricks and water to the building site. Then, they mixed and poured concrete to level the floor, and used bricks and cement to build the walls. They ended their trip by having a dinner with the family that they have been building the house for.

Although four days of building work doesn’t seem like much, it means a lot to that family, especially in a developing city like Rayong. Usually, villagers help each other build their houses, but with the help of our students, they have less work to do. Also, by spending time with the family, students realize how much the house means to them. They were very thankful to have a house to live in, which motivates students to build the house.

Don’t hesitate to join the next habitat trip, if you want to reach out a helping hand and build a relationship with people there!

–Chloe Wong and Apple Lee

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