Essential Agreements

The group will work cooperatively together to build a city

The following actions/attitudes are required for our success:

  • taking responsibility for the things you do
  • honesty and integrity
  • helpfulness and caring
  • patience

The following actions/attitudes are not permitted:

  • griefing/stealing
  • use of TNT
  • entering someone else’s property without permission
  • copying someone else’s work or design without permission

Consequences for major offenses:

  • 1st offense – meeting with Ms. Cahusac to explain and discuss
  • 2nd (repeat) offense – loss of server privilege for 1 week


The group will establish the collective expectations and an action plan for offenses to the expectations during the initiation of the club. This will be presented in the form of a team contract for all to sign, abide by and reference during meetings.

With the direction of the club facilitator, students will be involved in the following activities:

  • developing a Minecraft world according to the group’s collective plan
  • creating/contributing to a CDNIS Minecraft blog to share our experiences/expertise
  • communicating with students around the world who are also involved in Minecraft clubs
  • presenting our achievements to the CDNIS community
  • weekly meetings for 1 hour

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