Club’s Purpose

(as established by the group during out 1st meeting)

This club plans to build a large city in a short time period. We will work together to form a community. We will show the world our creative abilities, expertise and knowledge. We will share our talents and expertise with each other, working towards improving ourselves and investing in the club. We will have fun and enjoy the magic of Minecraft together!

Ms. Cahusac’s Vision

I feel strongly that this is the appropriate time for CDNIS to capitalize on the educational benefits of Minecraft, to promote and facilitate an appropriate and responsible gaming culture with our students. I am eager to learn about this game so that I can connect and share with students as well as develop my own skills and expertise as a ‘Minecrafter’. Through my research I believe that a Minecraft club has extensive educational value and provides a collaborative model for students to share and contribute to each others’ learning. 


To promote social learning scenarios and develop skills, behaviours, attitudes and attributes listed here.

Collaboration & Teamwork

Working as a group towards collective goals and objectives, students will create a Minecraft world. All students will participate in the construction of a shared space. Cooperation skills will be strengthened within a respectful, safe, and democratic learning environment.

Creativity & Innovation

Working off of each others’ ideas to produce, design, remix and improve interesting features and structures within the Minecraft world. Students are given the opportunity to test and prototype without a fear of failure.


Mathematical concepts and topics are investigated and applied to different scenarios including – spatial awareness, problem solving, area, volume, construction, scale, architecture, design, modeling, etc.


Students will be challenged to take-risks and sometimes lead the group towards its collectives goals. Specific students will be asked to share their expertise and teach the groups skills and strategies. All participants will practice leadership skills and spend time in a leadership role.

Social Skills & Community Building

Various methods of communication will be practiced and group decision-making is exercised while building the Minecraft world. Bonds and commitment is developed through the formation of a ‘passion community’. Students will be given the opportunity to share and celebrate their passion.

Goal Setting

Student plan and work towards collective and purposeful goals.

PYP Attitudes: co-operation, enthusiasm, creativity, respect, empathy, tolerance, appreciation, and curiosity.

Learner Profile Attributes: Students involved with the Minecraft club will need to demonstrate and contribute all attributes of a PYP learner.

Learning Objectives

The group will establish the collective learning objectives and game objectives during the goal setting process at the initiation of the club. The learning goals will be based on the club rationale (stated above) and voted on by the members of the club.


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