Tell Us About Your Masterpiece

by alonicahusac on May 11, 2012

So all kinds of partnerships, group builds and independent endeavors have resulted in some totally outstanding creations! Our world is full of many masterpieces already.

Take a few moments to write a comment on this post about your latest project on our CDNIS server. Describe what you’ve built and why. Specifically, tell us about what inspired you? Is it complete or still under construction? Did you need help from an expert? Who built it with you or helped you along the way? What are you dreaming up for your next project?

One of my favorite things is our CDNIS sign. Dynamo 2 came to me one morning and explained that he had started the sign, but then over the weekend lots of other club members had contributed elements to make it even better! I think that’s awesome 🙂

Then someone else decided to build this sign in the sky with a Canadian flag! Super cool.

And here are some more great screen captures from inside the server!


Minecraft is just Awesome!

by alonicahusac on May 9, 2012

Thanks for suggesting this, tunamanwhale!



We’ve Only Just Begun!

by alonicahusac on April 24, 2012

The club has met for 3 Friday sessions so far.

The first meeting was to simply talk and get some housekeeping out of the way. We created an essential agreement, talked about the blog and the responsibilities of every member of the club. We also just had some fun learning about each other and talking about our current experience with Minecraft.

In the second meeting we played around a bit and just made sure that everyone could access the school server. We started exploring and looked around for places to build our masterpieces.

In the third meeting we really started to have some fun! Areas are being developed and things are being discovered all the time. Some students like to work alone while others are having a really great time working together or showing each other their work. Overall, we’re still learning, playing around and experimenting.

Below is 20 minutes of screen capture footage that I recorded for fun during the 3rd meeting. I am one of the least experienced players in the room and I apologize for the bumpy and haphazard screen footage (still learning to fly), as well as my abruptly loud voice (because I am sitting in front of my computer and I sometimes get excited and forget about the mic). The conversations in the background are pretty fantastic and definitely worth a listen.



Form This Way!

by alonicahusac on April 8, 2012



Tell me, tell me…

by alonicahusac on March 19, 2012

What exactly do you love about Minecraft?


Gr.5 Minecraft Club Begins!

by alonicahusac on March 19, 2012

Last week we rearranged room 806 to have our very first Minecraft Club meeting. We brought our computers and played a little bit of single player before the meeting began, but then we got comfortable on the couches to watch some videos from kids in other Minecraft clubs. We also introduced ourselves and shared our experiences with Minecraft and reasons for joining the club. This took quite some time! Then we set out our goals and essential agreements. With students from 5A, 5B, 5C, 5D and 5E we learned that we have a large variety of skill level and expertise with Minecraft. One thing we all have in common is a lot of enthusiasm and commitment to this club.

I went home for the weekend and became a player! I spend about 10 hours in total figuring out the basics of single player Minecraft survival. All I can say now is, I’m hooked! I can’t wait to start building things together as a club. Let the fun begin!

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