Rehearsal Schedule

show-and-rehearsalA big element of being in our show is being responsible for your role and supporting other cast members by being present at every rehearsal that is scheduled for your role. That’s why we give you the rehearsal schedule BEFORE you even audition, so you know what you’re getting into! We encourage you to think about the commitment you will make to being in this show. Can you balance rehearsals with everything else that is already in your after school schedule?

Being confident in your ability to give the LS Musical priority for three months allows you to approach your performance with less stress and the comfort of knowing that you’ve adjusted your schedule so that you can be successful. Having a cast that is 100% committed to the show will also allow us to focus better as an ensemble.

While we understand that life does happen, we expect cast members to be present for every rehearsal throughout our production process. If for any reason a cast member does need to miss a rehearsal (ie. illness, family emergency), please notify the production staff as soon as possible. More than one absence will cause the production team to reconsider the cast member’s role in the production.

See the rehearsal schedule below:


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