What is WOZ?

“WOZ” is our nickname for “Wizard Of Oz.” We’re finding we’re saying it a lot these days!

Is each Wizard of Oz Workshop different?

Yes! We will review past material and introduce new material in each session. That way, each workshop will be unique but it won’t be overwhelming for students who are just attending a few sessions.

Do you have to be in the workshops to audition for the show?

Nope! The workshops are optional. We offer them to give students a chance to fine tune their skills on stage or just try out what a production is like?

Do my parents have to attend the parent meeting on Nov 8 or 15 for me to audition?

Nope. But we find that it is helpful for parents to be included in the conversation when we outline our expectations for the what it means for students to be a part of the show. We’ll also post those expectations on the blog.

Did I miss the sign up to audition for the show?

Nope. You will know when we open auditions because we will shout it from the rooftops! The sign-ups will be made public in the beginning of November.

How can I get ready for auditions?

In auditions we look for students who are confident and prepared. Right now, the best thing you can do is to learn the story of WOZ by watching the movie or reading the book. It also helps to learn the songs, many of which we will begin to post on this blog in the coming weeks!

Does everyone get in to the cast that auditions?

Maybe. In LS Performing Arts ensembles we look for students who are positively dedicated to be a part of our projects. This means that we are looking less for how talented students are and more for students who are open to experience an amazing opportunity in the expressive arts. We have strict attendance and behavior expectations. As long as a student can adhere to them they usually have a part in the production.

What if I want to be part of the backstage crew?

The backstage crew is selected by an application process that involves the student writing why they want to be a part of the crew and accompanied by a teacher recommendation. We will start accepting applications to backstage crew in the end of November. We will publish information about how to apply with the audition information. Not everyone who applies for backstage crew will be selected. We look for students who have the self-management and organizational skills to get the job done.


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