DIY WOZ Workshop at Home!

by Ashley on September 23, 2019

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We had such a great second WOZ Workshop last Friday with so many students. In this “Presenting on Stage” workshop we focused on making connections in our community, learning how actors label and use the space on stage, and thinking about how we use our body, voice and gestures so that an audience can understand them.

If you missed our workshops or want to practice at home with your parents or friends here are some of the things we did:

Voice & Gesture: Ordinary & Extraordinary Day
(from Young People’s Theatre Wizard of Oz Study Guide)


  • Practicing the role of storyteller and performer. This warm-up will encourage creative thinking, improvisation, and experimentation with big and slow gestures.


  1. Work with a partner. Think about what you did this morning, or what they normally do on an ordinary morning (e.g ‘I woke up, got out of bed, brushed my teeth, ate some breakfast…’, etc.).
  2. One person will be telling the story of their ordinary morning and the other will act out the story using mime and gesture. It is the storyteller’s job to speak in clear, short sentences. It is the job of the performer to act out as much of the story as possible, and only the story being told. To do this, they need to listen closely and wait for the next piece of information from the storyteller.
  3. Next, think about what could happen on an extraordinary morning (i.e. ‘I woke up, got out of bed and found a tiger in my room…, etc.) Working in the same pairs, repeat the steps above but this time with students telling a story of an extraordinary morning.
  4. How can you make your gestures even clearer? How big and slow can you make your movements while still keeping up with the pace of the story?

Voice: Voices of Oz


  • Practicing an actor’s different “vocal ranges” to take on the role of different characters.


Your voice rings or “resonates” in different parts of your body at different pitches. Experiment with different vocal pitches while laying your hands on the labeled part of your body, can you get your “resonator” to vibrate when you say the line?

  • Dorothy – head – “There’s no place like home!”
  • Scarecrow – mouth – “If I only had a brain!”
  • Witch – nose – “I’ll get you my pretty!”
  • Lion – chest – “If I were the king of the forest!”

Body: Weather Walker


  • Practicing using space in creative ways, imagining and communicating different environments through body movement.


Walking around at a brisk space, move your body as if your were in different environments.

Some different environments include:

  • hot sticky summer heat, a blizzard, a breeze, a fall wind, a typhoon, a perfect summer day

Once you have different weathers down, change the environment:

  • a rocky steep mountain top, underwater, dark forest at night, Amazon jungle, Causeway Bay on a Saturday, the moon, a sheet of ice

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