Coding with Arduino

Learning to code on Arduino is easier than it looks. With a few basic projects, we learned to control LEDs, buzzers, motors, and servos. And we made code for input from push buttons, switches, light and temperature sensors, and remote controls. The next level is learning to go wireless with Bluetooth, WiFi, and radio modules.

Building a 3D Printer

Last year, Mr. Sharp built a Delta-style 3D printer in a workshop in Hong Kong. It ran for three sessions of around four hours each. He had never seen or used a 3D printer before the workshop, and he learned a lot about how 3D printing works from the build. Then he learned even more […]

Drawing Robot

This drawing robot was built by Mr. LaCoste. He also made a virtual simulation of it in GeoGebra that allowed easy manipulation of the speeds of the two motors and the lengths and axis of the arms.

Rocket Cars

Using balsa wood, we designed dragsters that are powered by compressed gas canisters. They’re very light and go very fast. First, the axels were drilled using a drill press. Then the blocks of wood were cut to shape with coping saws. Metal files and several grades of sandpaper were used to finish the shaping. Later we’ll spray paint […]

World Arduino Day

Arduino is an easy-to-use coding and electronics prototyping platform. To celebrate World Arduino Day, Mr. Sharp built a temperature-sensing coffee cup, where the LEDs light up to indicate how hot the coffee is.

Review: HyperLapse App

We are exploring the use of this App on iOS to help document our build process.  The interface is very intuitive with just two buttons; 1) record and 2) front/back camera selection.  Once captured you can choose the speed at which the recoding is played at and the final recording is available to share from […]

10 Makers + 4 Days = 10 Printers

The club has been given funding to build ten 3D printers for the school community.  This is a exciting opportunity for ‘deep learning’ and what follows are some ideas we are mulling over to record and share the build process. Dedicated Website We’ll be consolidating our efforts on this site in order to make it convenient for […]

We Have Lift Off

We want to share our builds with the world and are pleased to launch this website which will serve as a ‘one stop (work)shop’ for all of the club’s projects, resources and learning. Our goal is to update this site frequently so do come back again!