10 Makers + 4 Days = 10 Printers

The club has been given funding to build ten 3D printers for the school community.  This is a exciting opportunity for ‘deep learning’ and what follows are some ideas we are mulling over to record and share the build process.

Dedicated Website

We’ll be consolidating our efforts on this site in order to make it convenient for the community to access.

Social Media Officer

Following an ‘essential agreement’ developed by the club, a club member will be nominated to share our learning on Twitter and FaceBook.  Social media posts will use one or more of the following hashtags:

#createthefuture, #cdnishk, #makered, #3D


Over the development period we will use an iPad, Justand, and the Hyperlapse App to capture the build of the printers and present it on this website.


Each build session will begin and end with a video blog entry via an iPad and the Capture App.  All of the recordings will be uploaded to a dedicated YouTube Channel for the project which will be embedded on this website. In this way we hope to document our learning journey.

Summing Up

We’re excited to take this journey and share our learning with the global maker community. Special thanks to Darrell Sharp for leading us on this project.

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