Challenge # 6 – Spring Into Reading Digitally

by alonicahusac on February 16, 2012

Spring into Reading is upon us at CDNIS and “we’ve gotta keep reading… ’cause this books gonna be a good book!”

This week’s challenge involves getting your audience involved in your reading. Do you know of any widgets or apps that allow you to share your reading lists with other bloggers? Want to know what other people are reading and enjoying? Ever need a good book recommendation? Well here’s your chance to share your favorite books and help us all Spring into Reading.

Challenge # 3: Install a Shelfari Widget

1. Sign up for an amazon account
2. Design your own personal widget (this is harder than you’d think, but you can figure it out if you read carefully! pay attention to width and size so that it fits into your side bar neatly)
3. Activate a Shelfari widget on your blog to showcase what you are reading
or have already read
4. Check out other people’s bookshelves

Have fun becoming better bloggers!

Check out my Shelfari widget on the right —–>

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