Challenge # 5

by alonicahusac on February 1, 2012

Are you getting noticed yet?

This week’s challenge is about getting noticed and attracting more readers from around the globe. I’ve noticed that a lot of us need to broaden our audience and get some new readers interested in our blogs!

Ever feel like the only person who reads your blog is your teacher? Or better yet, your parents? Or grand-parents? Do you want to have friends and pen-pals from classrooms all over the world? You could read their blogs and they could read yours!

I happen to have the perfect solution to finding kids just like you!

There is an international Student Blogging Competition which starts every year in September and March. It is hosted by a teacher, the amazing Ms. Wyatt from Australia, who organizes thousands of student blogs and classroom blogs. Last year, some of the CDNIS Gr.5 classes took part in the September Challenge.

So this week, you’re going to use The Blogging Challenge’s incredibly long list of Global Student Bloggers from the September 2011 Challenge to find kids just like you! Simply check out the loooooooooong list of blog participants from all over the world. This chart tells you the name and age of the blogger as well as their home country and their current interests. Awesome!

Your task:

1. Figure out how to add new links to your blog – see the left-side menu in your dashboard.

2. Add at least 10 student blogs from anywhere around the world. To add a blog link you must give them a name and then copy/paste their URL into the link form.

3. Organize your links by giving them categories (for your new friends think about something like My Global Friends or My Global Community)

4. You will need to make a comment on these student blogs to say hello, introduce yourself and let them know that you are putting a link to them on your blog because you like their blog and/or you have common interests. I bet that they will also want to put a link to your blog and then even their friends will check out your blog. If you make 10 new friends and they have 10 friends each who check out your blog – that’s 100 NEW visitors right there!

5. Go into your widgets and place a “links” widget in your side bar – select which categories you want to show up

6. You’re done :) Now, check out other BBB participants and see who they choose for their links!

Great Work Better Blogging Battlers!

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