Challenge # 10

by alonicahusac on May 31, 2011

This Challenge has 2 parts.

It’s getting closer and closer to the end of the year! Spring is here and it’s so fun to think about the summer holidays and adventures before everyone moves on to their next grade. Oh, how you’ve grown πŸ˜‰ For the 10th challenge I’d like you think back on the year and all you’ve learned about blogging. Remember learning about your dashboard, commenting, making posts, embedding videos and pictures, etc. You’ve become blogging experts in a very short time and I am sure that you have tons of knowledge and various skills to share with new bloggers.

Part A

Next year the new Gr. 5s will be introduced to blogging for the very first time! They will have a million questions and be very eager to start sharing their thoughts and ideas with the world. I’d like to know what advice you have for them as they begin this exciting and challenging journey in learning and writing. What words of wisdom do you have to pass along to them?

This challenge requires you to write your response as a comment to this post. Please begin the post like this: Dear Future Bloggers…

Part B

Take some time to look back on all the posts you have made this year. What are they mostly about? Has your writing changed over time? DO you see improvements and differences as you progressed over the year? For Part B of this challenge, you need to create a word/tag cloud of your blog, showing the key words and common topics of your blog. You can use Wordle if you’d like to find about some other word cloud creators, such as TagCrowd or Tagxedo. Post your new word/tag cloud to your own blog and write a short post explaining why you’ve created this. Does it reflect your blog accurately? Does it describe your blog accurately? Were you surprised with the words most represented in the cloud?

Good Luck!

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Chance June 11, 2011 at 5:42 pm

Dear Future Bloggers,

I think the key to having an awesome blog is to NOT have a ton of widgets that are games because I find that extremely annoying to have turn down the sound if I go to somebody else’s blog. Also, having games on the side of the side of your blog may increase how many people visit your blog but you should remember that having a lot of games on your blog will divert your viewer’s attention from your writing to all those games.

When you post things on your blog it will be fun because you can post anything you want but you should enforce some limits like not posting any thing that can harm someone’s feelings. If somebody makes a negative comment you, as the administrator of the site should not approve it. If that comment causes any harm to you, you should tell a adult right away instead of trying to deal with it yourself.

When you start your blog, you will probably be asked to make an avatar, which is a representation of you on the internet. Sometimes if you choose something negative or bad as your avatar you can never change it so make sure you choose something that won’t embarrass you or anyone else.

One more thing you should do is join the Better Blogging Battle because it will really help you become a better blogger and to get more views on your blog.

My last tip for you is to NEVER put anything personal like your last name or address on your blog because not everyone in the world is a nice person.

I really enjoyed blogging this year and I hope you like it as well.


ET0016 June 10, 2011 at 4:42 pm

Dear Future Bloggers,
You are getting your very OWN blog!! πŸ™‚ I have a few tips for you, if you want more people to visit your blog, make some really interesting posts about different things that you like or that will catch people’s eye/ grab their attention. A blog is like a journal but online and really makes it cool where you don’t have to share is with other people.

If you want to make your blog even more fun, you can add different widgets, widgets is where their are small little games for your blog so the visitors won’t get so bored. My favorite widget is flag counter because I can count how many visitors come to my blog everyday.

Now are about the comments, looking at different comments most of them are good. You might receive spam mail, where they tell you to pass this message to a few people, there might be bad comments where they say “This SUCKS” or something else. πŸ™ If you get these comments just delete it, but if they keep on sending these nasty comments, just tell a teacher or your parents. Every good comments MUST have good spelling, correct punctuation and have a good praise.

Have a ROCKING GOOD blog and give me the link so I can visit your blog!! πŸ™‚

Awesome10 June 10, 2011 at 11:08 am

Dear Future Bloggers,
Blogging is one of my favourite things to do. I personally love blogging and I’d like you to enjoy it too! Sometimes, you can get tired of blogging(hopefully that won’t ever happen), then you can start embedding widgets onto your blog. You’ll find blogging very useful to express your feelings. In the middle of the year, you can also look at your first piece of writing with your last to see how much you have improved throughout the year. You can post almost anything on your blog, if you like freedom you’ll probably like this. However, you have to be very careful on what you post or comment on your blog because everyone in the world can see it and once you post something on your blog, you can never take it back. So beware what you type on your blog, be appropriate, and HAVE FUN!


Bulldog09 June 2, 2011 at 7:16 pm

Dear Future Bloggers,

Blogging is a very enjoyable experience. You can share any random idea and a bunch of people will express their opinions on that. This enables you to enhance your creativity and express your feelings. I fell in love with blogging when I started to do posts for fun on my CDNIS blog. Blogging should only express your feelings to a certian extent; you don’t want to be writing anything rude or offensive to anybody, no matter how strongly you think of them. You should also try to sort of have a theme for your personal posts. For example, other than the school posts, I do posts on javascript, java, and other computer related things. Also, I do posts on Quantum Mechanics. Blogging is something that can turn into a habit. You can start off by blogging for around 15 minutes a day. Another thing that will help you get lots of feedback and visitors is writing interesting posts. Add humour, stats, and other things that the virtual world of the internet demands. Don’t use lots of boring words. Use adjectives! In one of my stories, I describe something as dark green, slimy, and prone to bacteria. That is cool. But writing something like, I don’t know… glop, will make it boring. If you need help to come up with ideas, blogging challenges such as this one or the worldwide student challenge (http// will totally help. Blogging was my number one thing to do on the internet for a long time. But don’t get addicted! If you need a blog, get a wordpress, webs, blogger, or any other free one! If you want premium domain features on your opinion-expressing database of awesomeness, get one. But only get one if you are going to use it frequently. Visitors aren’t the most important, what’s most important is that you enjoy yourselves and that will happen if you start to blog.

Dennis June 2, 2011 at 7:45 am

Dear Future Bloggers,
I think blogging is such a great experience for me. First, I can entertain some of the people who want to look at my blog. I usually like to put cool facts on my blog because I get to learn the cool facts myself. I think you should put cool facts because it will be exciting for the visitors to know what you’ve learnt yourself. I also suggest you to put some meanigful widgets on your blog because they are fun to use and fun to look at. One of my favorites are a country flag counter because the country flag counter can really tell you where people in the world are coming from, and know who your auidience is.
I wouldn’t recommend any games on your blog because it will distract you from doing work, like maybe writing a post or just uploading a funny photo on your blog. I think maybe you COULD put a “big red button” game on your blog because it’s quite fun and you would get bored after like 5 minutes, and won’t waste you that much time.
I like blogs because you can express yourselve freely, and post stuff that is cool and stuff you’ve done at school. Blogging was one of the thing I liked the most in Grade 6.
In the blogging world, there is always stuff to remember like keeping yourself safe. You shouldn’t post anything you wouldn’t want a stranger to know. Imagine someone half-across the world knows where you live and how old you were.
Future BLOGGERS, Have a good time enjoying yourselves with BLOGS.
Grade 6E

ET22 June 2, 2011 at 7:43 am

Dear future bloggers…

Since the beginning of the year, I really loved my blog. There were so much things to do on it, put widgets, write posts, comment on other blogs. It was amazing! I thought the coolest thing about our blogs was having different people around the world looking at your blog. There is just one quote from me, “Have a awesome blogging year!”

~ET 22

et11 June 1, 2011 at 9:47 pm

Dear future bloggers, blogging is another world! But befor you go on read the information below. πŸ™‚ ( In the fisrt two paragraphs I will tell you in first person how I managed the one year in grade 5 in the digital world.)

I have posted a ton of pictures on my blog as you will soon be doing. I have not posted a picture of my self or any other person on my blog yet. All the pictures I get from google or any other website I always cite the sources. If I were to post a picture of myeself online I will make sure to not post anything that will ruin my reputation a few years later. I also will remember not to wear my school uniform while taking a video. This is a bad act for any person who looks at this picture will know automaticaly that I am a student of CDNIS. That will be like posting a photo of each and every student and staff who either work in CDNIS or learn there online without permission.

I will be sure to protect myeself online. I will also never talk to strangers online know matter how nice they are to me. Just a tip to anybody reading this post but do not act mean. Just because your online name is totally different does not mean you are completely safe. You can easily be tracked down. Your account can be deleted and people can fight back at you. What comes around goes around.

And that is the end of the first person paragraph. ( I read it over and even I think its a bit to serious but oh well. )
I believe that there are 3 essentials to being a good blogger.

1. Posts.
Never post anything that is mean,hurtfull or inaproppriate. As I said in the previous paragragh I myself if I were to put a picture of a person I will always ask for permission first. Also, when post be creative! Add images and pictures that are interesting! ( Just remember to cite your source)

Comments same as posts have to be appropriate. Also remeber to not be to negative when you are commenting on someones post. Remeber, think before you comment. If that person was here right now would I say that to him or her?

3. Fresh air
I know blogging is really fun and stuff but always remeber to be more active. Sure, you might get a lot of stuff done in the digital world but you will get in the real world are sore necks. I know whenever I go out to a nearby park or playgroun I always get a new idea to right about!

Last but not least, remember that if you find anybody doing stuff they should not be doing give them a warning. πŸ™ Tell them to stop doing it. If they continue doing this spam or flag there post or comment. The digital world is a fun place to be but remember your safety comes first. Good luck to all future bloggers πŸ˜‰

Awesome 25 June 1, 2011 at 7:15 pm

Dear Future Bloggers,
After my first year with blogging, I have fell in love with it. Whenever I had time I would go on my blog a start typing out things that happened on that day that I enjoyed, or did not enjoy. Blogging is just like decorating your room, but is digital. While bogging, you could decide to post a video,photo or just words about things you like or don’t like. Or it could even be just a video or photo that you think is interesting and you want to show to the world. But what I liked the most was putting on widgets. You could go to a site and pick out a widget that you like, and add it on to the sidebar of your blog. My favortie widget was Shelfari. Shelfari is for you to show others what book you like, or you are reading. But when you blog you have to be careful because, blogging is a type of social networking. And what ever you put up on your blog, the whole world has access to it. When you blog you have to remember not to out your full name up, or any personal information.
Another thing you can do is comment on other people blogs. Commenting is also like decorating a room but just not yours. When you comment you should tell the other person something you liked about his or her blog, and also give them suggestions on how they could improve. So it is kind of like helping someone decorate his or her blog. So when you have a blog, you should go find some good but appropriate widgets to put on your blog to make it more fun and attractive. Blogging is really fun, and everyone should try it .

ET19 June 1, 2011 at 7:09 pm

Dear future blogger:

For me, blogging was the best thing to do at school with the computers. You can create widgets, comment on other friend’s blog, making posts and sharing it with the WHOLE entire world and also participating in the Better Blogging Battle. When you blog, you can write about anything you want, not like before when you are limited to write what the teacher told you to. But when you create your own blog, you are free to share ANYTHING you want! For example your holiday reflections, jokes, photos, updates in school and lots more and be creative! I think one of the happiest thing about blogging is receiving comments from my friends. They are usually great opinions and ideas for you to improve your blogging skills and to express what they think about your post. Widgets are also amazing things that you can put on your blog to make it colorful since we are not allowed to change the theme of your blog. Flag Counter is a widget that keeps track who is visiting your blog and where they are from, that way you can see how β€œglobal” your blog is.

Besides having all this fun, you also have to be very carful about your privacy. Remember, not all people around the world may be nice and principled, if you are not careful about your privacy, you can easily be contacted by strangers and may lead to danger. So be carful not to post your address, phone number, face and private information about yourself.

Have fun blogging! πŸ˜€

ET17 June 1, 2011 at 5:30 pm

Dear Future Bloggers,

Do you like keeping a diary, a journal, or something of the sort? Well, diaries and journals are something you have to carry around, right?

But a blog — a blog is a digital form of the above two. I can tell you, a blog is way more fun than keeping a diary. (No, no, I’m not telling you NOT to keep a diary, but I’m just explaining that this is an alternative.)

In a blog, you can post stuff that you want he outside world to know. (Normally, blogs can be accessed by anyone in the world who has internet access.) You can write about anything that you want. However, remember that you don’t want to post anything that is inapropriate or may seem private to you. Everyone can see what you write and post. (Don’t do this, expecially on your school blog. You see, there is a big school logo right at the top of your blog.)

Besides posting, there are other things that you can do on you blog. For example putting widgets on it.

Widgets are these little games that you can put on your sidebar(s). They may inform the ‘visitors’ on the blog about something, or just simply be some funny video/picture.
The main purpose of widgets are to make you blog more interesting, but don’t put too many widgets. You don’t want people coming to your blog just for the sake of looking at widgets, do you?
A few widgets that I recommend for new bloggers is: the Flag Counter and the Visitor Globe. These 2 widgets allow you to see where your visitors come from. It’s just plain interesting to see what countries your ‘visitors’ are from.

Apart from the widgets, you can also make an avatar using cool software or simply finding ones on the web. An avatar is sort of like your ‘face’ in the blogosphere. Choose your avatar carefully, as you want it to represent yourself (In some blogs your avatar is permanent, so choose WISELY!).

Some things you might want to look out (if you ever come across) in your blog:
😳 if you see a comment in your comment category which you think is inaproppriate, then you might want to flag it as spam and/or delete it. Don’t let it sit there in your blog, as other people may see it.
πŸ™ IF the comment really is hurtful and is targeting YOU specifically, I URGE you to go report it to a teacher IMMEDIATELY, before other hurtful comments start raining in.

So, Future Bloggers, are you ready for your first blog? (I hope you are!)

Keep on Bloggin’!

πŸ˜€ 8) Yan Yan (et17) from 5E

DJ06 May 31, 2011 at 5:18 pm

Dear Future Bloggers,
To me blogging is one of the lost fun thing in grade 5. Everyday when I get home after school, I have something to eat and then I turn on my computer and open my blog. It is sort of like my getting-home-routine. When you blog it makes you feel FREE! Because you can write anything you want in a post. You can write about your day, you can write something excited that happened and you can even write how you feel. Because you can write about so many different subjects you can always change the font size and font colour. You can do whatever you want. Widgets are also awesome too add onto your blog. Widgets are like sorts of games that your visitors can play and enjoy. If you have fun widgets, readers will revisit and enjoy your blog. My favourite widget is my Flag Counter because I can see how many people have looked at my blog. But remember to never put something private because a blog is for everyone in the world to see. So make sure you can feel confident about what you post. Have fun BLOG ROCKING next year!!

DJ 18 May 31, 2011 at 4:36 pm

Dear future bloggers,
I think that the key to a good blog is that it has some things like widgets that people are interested in such as mario. Also it must have good posts, proper spelling and have chat box so even you can chat to your visitors. Also, don’t forget to put a flag counter!

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