Challenge # 5 Feed Burner

by alonicahusac on March 4, 2011

Have you ever wanted to get updates in your email that notify you exactly when there is a new post on the BBB blog?

Well this week’s challenge is to learn more about Feed Burner. Feed Burner is a service that lets you input your email and then receive emails every time there’s a new challenge or announcement on the BBB blog.

Part 1. Subscribe to the BBB blog. You will need to type your email address into the subscription widget on the right —>If you are successful, I will receive a message saying that you’ve subscribed to the BBB blog. This way, I will know exactly who has successfully completed Challenge # 5 and who has not!

Part 2. (Optional) Feed Burner is a Google application and it’s free. If you’re interested, you can even get your own Feed Burner on your student blog. You’ll need a Google account to get started and there are a lot of instructions to follow in order to set everything up. Give it a try. To get the widget, you’ll need to go to the Publicize tab and on the left-hand menu choose email subscriptions. This will give you a code to embed as a text widget and then visitors to your site can subscribe to you!

Good luck & keep up the great blogging!

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