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10 Jun

G6 MHL Home Learning 2019/06/10

完成練習冊第9-11頁上《看戲》課文理解練習 complete reading comprehension exercises on page 9-11 of exercise book 選擇一種藝術,研究這種藝術的特點,星期四展示 prepare for your chosen art form demonstration on Thursday and explore the characteristics
05 Jun

G6 MHL Home Learning 2019/06/05-2019/06/06

練習冊第7和8頁詞語練習(一)(二)和第9頁的造句 complete exercise 1&2 on page 7&8 and making sentence on page 9 聽力評估和口語評估的簽名 ask your parents sign on the listening and oral assessment ...
03 Jun

G6 MHL Home Learning 2019/06/03 -2019/06/04

朗讀課文《看戲》 詞語開花: 京劇 聲如洪鐘 提心吊膽 抗議 比手畫腳 自得其樂 造型 評價 粵劇 卡通 寫英文意思 write down English meaning 給每個字組詞語 compose one vocabulary for each character 寫一個句子 write one sentence
22 May

G6 MHL Home Learning 2019/05/22

準備口語報告,在你的報告中,嘗試回答下列問題: prepare for your oral assessment and try to answer the following questions in your presentation: 你選擇了什麼圖案?What did you draw? 描述這些圖案? Describe your drawing (colour,layout,techniques⋯⋯) 這些圖案有什麼含義?What‘s ...
20 May

G6 MHL Home Learning 2019/05/20 – 2019/05/21

1.完成粵劇講座的題目,鏈接在google classroom complete the reflection about Cantonese opera through the link on the Google classroom 2.完成教室橫梁設計,星期三交;下週一口頭報告考試 finish the design of classroom and hand in on Wednesday and oral ...
15 May

G6 MHL Home Learning 2019/05/15

練習冊一、詞語練習(一)(二)(三) complete exercise (一)(二)(三) 閱讀中文書,星期五交閱讀報告 read Chinese book and hand in reading report on Friday
08 May

G6 MHL Home Learning 2019/05/08 – 2019/05/09

2019/05/08 寫拼音,抄寫詞語4遍:建築、高人一等、節節高升、跨年、煙火秀、雙生、棟、揚名國際 copy phrases 4 times with pinyin 不看拼音,朗讀課文《建築界的長頸鹿》 read the text without Pinyin 2019/05/09 寫拼音,抄寫詞語4遍:功能、特色、著名、克服、友善、熱情、四面八方、當地、深刻、印象 copy phrases 4 times with pinyin 閱讀中文書10分鐘 read Chinese book for 10 minutes  
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