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11 Jun

G5 MHL Home Learning 2019/06/11

準備星期四的口語活動,用自己的話介紹一個歷史事件,可以用PPT/Slide,海報、imovie等方式。 prepare for oral sharing about one historical event on Thursday 星期四可以給自己或者同學帶一點零食,慶祝五年級的中文課順利完成! you can bring some snacks for yourself or classmates to celebrate the ...
10 Jun

G5 MHL Home Learning 2019/06/10

完成練習冊第15-17頁上的3.基礎題 比喻句和擬人句 和(三)課文理解練習 complete the exercises on page 15-17 of exercise book 研究一個歷史事件,準備星期四的歷史世界的介紹 research one historical event and prepare for Thursday’s presentation
10 Jun

G6 MHL Home Learning 2019/06/10

完成練習冊第9-11頁上《看戲》課文理解練習 complete reading comprehension exercises on page 9-11 of exercise book 選擇一種藝術,研究這種藝術的特點,星期四展示 prepare for your chosen art form demonstration on Thursday and explore the characteristics
05 Jun

G6 MHL Home Learning 2019/06/05-2019/06/06

練習冊第7和8頁詞語練習(一)(二)和第9頁的造句 complete exercise 1&2 on page 7&8 and making sentence on page 9 聽力評估和口語評估的簽名 ask your parents sign on the listening and oral assessment ...
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