Update on 5E’s Learning

5E has been busy!

5E has really enjoyed the How The World Works unit. Through mini stations and experiments, 5E has a good understanding of what atoms are and what makes up an atom. We read a story, ‘Eddie the Electron’ to understand more about the parts of an atom. 5E came to a conclusion that:

  • electrons are microscopic
  • electrons like to only travel one way
  • they revolve quite quickly around a nucleus made of protons and neutrons
  • there are over 100 types of atoms
  • different atoms have different numbers of protons, neutrons, and electrons

Ask your child what mini experiments we’ve conducted during this unit. My favourite was the energy stick.

In Language and Maths, we’ve combined some of our data management activities with techniques and strategies on being better writers. We are more aware of sentence fluency and how we need varied lengths for our sentences to make it sound more interesting. When we analyzed a recent writing activity for our Novel Study, we found out that one of our classmates wrote a 81 word long sentence! Was it a run-on sentence or…? Another interesting thing we found was that a couple of our students had a tendency to make their sentences longer and longer as the story progresses. Remember, variety is the spice of life! Let’s include that in our writing too.

Positive Thinking Experiment

We know that famous quote or saying about positive thinking – but have we actually seen it in action? 5E was inspired by Dr.Emoto’s water molecule experiment. We are currently conducting our own in the classroom. Each day we send positive energy to one plant and hateful energy towards the other. During the day, we also find time to express those energies to our plants. Some students are enjoying having an outlet for their negative energy to go towards. Some enjoy being present and sending good positive energy to our ‘Love Plant’. We’ve been keeping a record of our observations in our sketchbooks. We know that observations need to be specific and detailed to provide more accurate data. What has your child observed over the week?


Daily Reminders Board

Now that home learning grids are no more, we’ve been keeping track of all the work we need to complete on our whiteboard. The daily reminders are always present for all students to remind themselves on what’s expected when.