BC or BCE?

If you haven’t already, come by our Grade 5 hallway to check out our timeline.

Where We Are in Place and Time

We have launched our new unit focusing on significant events and time periods throughout history and how people have built on and been influenced by them. The students are ready now and eager to dive into a deeper inquiry requiring a variety of research and thinking skills. The first two weeks of our unit will be reviewing and learning new research skills to aid in a personal inquiry into a period of time. How can we synthesize information gathered to answer our inquiry questions? What are primary sources and how are they different than secondary sources? This unit on WWAPT will challenge students’ prior knowledge and require them to become open-minded inquirers.

Our Google Classroom has been updated with WWAPT slides and information covered in class. Be sure to check back into it regularly.


The acronym B.C. was changed to B.C.E., Before Common Era. Why do you think it was changed?