Charity Challenge

Guest speakers from CISPA came into 5E to present to us the Charity Challenge. In teams of 3 -4, each group is to make a 3 minute pitch to convince their audience of Gr 5’s to donate $20 each into their assigned charities. Charities were chosen from a list from TwoPresents.


This week students will be busy with researching all they can about their charity, its mission, values, organisational structure, actions it takes for the community it helps, etc. A planning sheet has been given to all groups and specific questions that will guide each group are contained in the document. Time will be given in the classroom for students to prepare and practice their pitch. Students are excited to be helping out a real organisation, especially a charity which takes local action in their community. By the end of the week, each group should have completed a three minute pitch. Due to the busy nature of the week, I’ve postponed Thursday’s Book Club meeting to the following Monday. Each student should be focusing on their charity and working towards a pitch the group can present next week.


Next week, teams will present their pitches Monday afternoon and 5E will vote on who to send to the finals. Additional coaching from CISPA and Upper School students will be given next week for the winning groups.