Math Resources

Stretch Your Thinking:

Nrich Website Lower Primary – Level 1

NRich Website Upper Primary Pupils Level 2

Greg Tang Math Games

Greg Tang Math Games – Press to get connected

 Tessellation and Symmetry

Math is Fun- Great overall resource
Math is Fun Website Link

Mighty Math Challenge Links:

Below are some games that focus on fast recall of facts, try these if your child is quite confident at working out basic facts quickly.

 Below are some games to just practice basic facts for addition and subtraction, but not necessarily focusing on fast recall.

Sketchup – Applying understanding of 2D and 3D shapes
You can download it for free on MAC or Windows.
1) First you have to follow this link : Sketchup Link
2) It will say: “Step 1: Let’s choose a product, I plan to use SketchUp for:”  CHOOSE Personal Projects
3)Enter the email address, choose appropriate operating system, agree to license agreement, then CLICK “Download SketchUp Make”.


3D Shapes

Brainpop JR 3D Shapes


Adding & Subtracting Fractions

Comparing Fractions – Khan Academy

Brainpop – Fractions

Equivalent Fractions


  1. Choose compare from the menu
  2. Choose equal denominator
  3. PLAY!
  4. If you want more of a challenge choose something besides equal denominator from the second menu!

NZ Math Checkpoint

Using number lines for multiplication


Multiplication = Repeated Addition

Division = Repeated subtraction

Divison – Math is Fun!


  • Watch the video
  • Take the quiz (easy or hard, you choose!)
  • Record your score in your math journal
  • Complete the Draw about it activity in your math journal


  • Watch the video.
  • Take the easy or hard quiz-you chose! Record your score.
  • Do the Draw About it activity in your math journal.

Range & Mode 

  • Click on the link for Mode & Range center.
  • Watch the mode and range parts of the video ONLY!
  • Choose a graph on the table.
  • Write the number of the graph you chose.
  • Write the mode & range of the graph in your journal.

Types of Graphs Websites

1. Do the quiz then answer the questions in your Math journal.

2. Interpret these bar graphs then answer the questions in your Math journal.

3. Check out this information page about line graphs then do the practice questions.  Don’t forget to answer the questions in your Math journal.

4. Check out the pie charts here! Don’t forget to reflect in your journal.

Line Graphs


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