When in doubt!!!

Strategies for solving problems: 

FIRST are you following RUCSAC steps?

R – READ the problem carefully. Identify the important information

U – UNDERSTAND the question. What do you need to find out?

C – CHOOSE a strategy to apply that will help you find the solution.

S – SOLVE the problem by applying the strategy you chose.

A – ANSWER the problem in a sentence. Have you answered the question? What were you meant to find out?  

C – CHECK. Carefully check each stage of your solution path or working out. Are you confident that your answer is correct.

THEN Try These:
Read the problem out loud to yourself or someone else.
 Look up vocabulary you don’t know using Math is Fun website – click on link
 Draw a picture.
Act it out


Sketchup – Applying understanding of Shape and Space

You can download it for free on MAC or Windows.
1) First you have to follow this link :
2) It will say: “Step 1: Let’s choose a product, I plan to use SketchUp for:”  CHOOSE Personal Projects
3)Enter the email address, choose appropriate operating system, agree to license agreement, then CLICK “Download SketchUp Make”.




Below a TEDTalk about math I found inspirational.