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Sharing the Planet

Where We are in Place and Time

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LINK to List of Raz Kids Books


How the World Works

Compression and Tension videos for Lit Centres:

Cliffton Bridge Video


Who We Are

Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset

How We Organise Ourselves


Rube Golberg Machine

Digestive System


Solar System

Assembly Line

Water Cycle

Toyota Production System

Wholesale & Retail

How It’s Made – Products


Whoopie Pies

Marshmallow Cookies


Bowling Balls

Rubber Bands




How the World Works


HTWW Literacy Grid


Sharing the Planet

Solar Lights in Manilla – Positive use of a renewable energy source in the slums of Manila.
-Fukishima power plant after the earthquake (some explanation of what is happening now )

-Fish and seafood still have radiation

Where we are in place and time:

While You View
Please click on link below and read one of the children’s stories and complete the While You View graphic organiser.

Young Immagrant Stories

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