G3 Camp

Grade 3 Camp

Dear Parents,

Camp is an opportunity to build resilience, become more responsible and independent, develop social skills, and connect with nature. With these goals for growth in mind, the G3 Team and APA have worked together to develop an exciting programme of fun and memorable outdoor experiences.

Thank you very much for attending the Camp Information Session. We hope you found it interesting and informative and that you are now as excited about camp as we are. If you were unable to attend the session, here is APA’s presentation as well as the detailed camp kit list. Please note, the children were delivered the same information yesterday afternoon and were also able to ask questions.

We kindly ask you to complete APA’s digital enrolment form on or before March 29th. It is a requirement for all participants in order to ensure the program meets any medical or dietary requirements. We also encourage you to contact your homeroom teacher and the school nurse, should you have any major health-related concerns or should there be any changes to the medical information you provided at the beginning of the school year.

In case of personal or family emergency during camp, we kindly ask you to contact Mr. Rob Grantham directly at 9621 9751 or at robgrantham@cdnis.edu.hk, NOT the homeroom teacher. If necessary, you can reach Mr. Grantham through the reception office at 2525 7088 and he will reply as soon as possible.
Last but not least, note that throughout camp you will be able to follow us on Twitter,

#CDNISG3camp, to get a glimpse of what the Grade 3s are up to.  
The G3 Team



Getting ready to go! Is your child worried about camp?

Here are some helpful tips to help get ready for our big adventure together:

  • Modelling a positive attitude towards camp is huge! It is great for your child to see how excited you are about the opportunity.
  • Start getting the little things prepared. Make a checklist that can be tackled over the next few weeks.
  • Go shopping! Go together to buy a new hat or pair of pyjamas that are just for camp, something that your child will enjoy picking out.
  • The company is Asia Pacific Adventures and the location will be in Tai Po. You could research a little together and show some exciting photos.
  • Make a little care package for your child that he/she will get to open there, with a letter from Mom and Dad.
  • Start a journal that s/he can write down any worries and strategies to get over them.
  • Try a two-night sleepover, with a friend or family member.
  • Let your child know that a lot more information will be sent home in March. There will also be a parent session with more details coming up.
  • Positive self-talk – learning how you talk to yourself in a supportive way, because feeling good is always worth the effort!



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