G3 Camp

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Grade 3 Camp

Important Dates:
April 19: G3 Parent Information Night (6-7pm)
– May 10-12: Camp

Important Forms and Information for Parents:

Until we receive the updated brochure, here is the summary of activities from last year’s planned G3 camp (you will note that this year’s dates are different)

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Getting ready to go! Is your child worried about camp?

Here are some helpful tips to help get ready for our big adventure together:

  • Modelling a positive attitude towards camp is huge! It is great for your child to see how excited you are about the opportunity.
  • Start getting the little things prepared. Make a checklist that can be tackled over the next few weeks.
  • Go shopping! Go together to buy a new hat or pair of pyjamas that are just for camp, something that your child will enjoy picking out.
  • The company is Asia Pacific Adventures and the location will be in Tai Po. You could research a little together and show some exciting photos.
  • Make a little care package for your child that he/she will get to open there, with a letter from Mom and Dad.
  • Start a journal that s/he can write down any worries and strategies to get over them.
  • Try a two-night sleepover, with a friend or family member.
  • Let your child know that a lot more information will be sent home in March. There will also be a parent session with more details coming up.
  • Positive self-talk – learning how you talk to yourself in a supportive way, because feeling good is always worth the effort!



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