Looking Ahead – Important Dates

Important Dates:
Monday, February 26th – No School for Students / PD Day for Teachers
February 27th to March 2nd – Students welcome to wear Chinese New Year’s traditional clothing
Thursday, March 1st –  3B iTime Share with Parents & CYN Get Together – 1:00- 2:00
Friday, March 2nd – CNY Flower Fair 8:00 – 8:40 & CNY Concert  12:00 – 13:00 (G3-6, PreRec PM & RecPM) & 14:00 – 15:00 (Concert for parents)
Friday, March 9th – Alan Dick Community Building – in-class
Tuesday, March 13th – Grade 3 Spotlight – 1:00 in LLAC – For Parents
Friday, March 16th – House Shirt Day
Thursday, March 22nd – Camp Parent info Session – 5:30
Friday, March 23rd – DDD – Theme TBA
Friday, March 30th – Good Friday – School Closed

iTime Share & Get Together

Dear Parents,

I miss the Bikinis so much I am writing every day!
First note – Please open the Blog to see the video we posted yesterday. When will I learn that your email notification does not show embedded items!?!?!?

Second note – We have re-scheduled the iTime Share and CYN Get Together to  Thursday, March 1st, 1:00 to 2:00. Hope to see you there!

Here is the photo from yesterday’s video.

PA Home Learning

PA Home Learning for G3

1. Practice, practice, practice for the G3 Spotlight in the PA Blog.

  • Make sure each song is memorized (Tutira, E PaPa, Condor Pasa, Everday People)
  • Make sure you know your special job

2. If you haven’t decorated NZ sticks yet, go for it using this template.

3. Consider sending a “voice memo” or a written response to Ms. Benusa to our question “Why Bother?” By answering these questions:

  • How do cultures express themselves through the arts? – give a specific example
  • Have does CDNIS express itself through the arts? – give a specific example
  • How does your family express themselves through the arts? – give a specific example

4. If they have lines, memorize them!

Print Making

Print Making:
Building on their knowledge of stamp making, 3B Bikinis enjoyed printmaking. Yesterday, Ms. Lam hosted a workshop for them. They learned the history of printmaking and had the opportunity to create their own prints representing themselves.



Jan 29th to Feb 2nd

Important Dates:
February 8th – Abby’s Mum Teaches Yoga to 3B
February 9 – House Shirt Day & 3B iTime Share with Parents & CYN Get Together – 1:20- 2:20
February 12 to 14th – Students welcome to wear Chinese New Year’s traditional clothing
February 12 – 3B Valentine’s Day Party  – Standby for details
February 13th – CNY Flower Fair 8:05 – 8:40 & CNY Concert 1:00 to 2:00
February 26th – No School for Students / PD Day for Teachers
March Tuesday, 13th – Grade 3 Spotlight – 1:00 in LLAC – For Parents


Link to This Week’s Photos

Grade 3 Spotlight and Spotlight Prep:

Grade 3 will have their Spotlight on March 13 at 1:00pm in the LLAC.  If you  have a conflict and can’t make Tuesday, Ms. Benusa says it’s ok for you to come to the dress rehearsal on  Monday 12th at 1:00 in LLAC .

Ms. Benusa has created a blog post with performance prep material for students here. It is important that all students look to see what they still need to do.

iTime Projects & CNY Get Together
Dear 3B Parents,

On February 9 from 1:20 to 2:20pm, our class will welcome the Year of the Dog with an iTime project sharing session along with a sampling of traditional food eaten during Chinese New Year.

Please see this LINK sign up sheet for food ideas. If there is an item that is traditionally eaten in your home which you would like to share, please feel free to bring it in.

Best wishes for a healthy and joyful Year of the Dog!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!


3B Valentine’s Day Party

Dear 3B Parents,

Our class will be having a Valentine’s Day celebration on February 12 from 1:20 to 2:20pm.

The students will be decorating and eating Valentine’s cookies and they will also be making Valentine’s Day cards.

It would be great we can have volunteers bring in some drinks and a healthy snack (ie. fruit) to go with their cookies. LINK to Sign-up



Stamp Making:
Ooooh! Aaahhh! It’s so pretty. These were some of the thoughts 3B had when our guest artist, Ms. Roong, came in to share how she expresses herself, her culture, and Hong Kong culture. There were lots of symbols and traditions that reflect Hong Kong culture: dragon boats, the star ferry, lanterns, teapots and more.

She wowed 3B with her adept carving skills, and showed them how to create their own stamps with some rubber, tracing paper, a pencil, and a carving tool.

Excellent artists in 3B decided to create their own designs.

A big thank you to all the parents who came in to make sure that there were only a few nicks on fingers. But luckily we had many Band Aids handy!

Message from School Counsellors:

“I want my child to be happy” The wish and reality

LS Parent Coffee Morning, February 8 at LLAC, 8:00-9: 30am.  As parents, we want the best for our child, rush to help, soothe, and fix, it’s only natural. In this talk, Dr. Minna Chau will share her insight and research findings on how a certain kind of devotion to happiness creed hurts in long run, rather than help.  RSVP


Jan 22nd to 26th

Important Dates:
February 1 – Artist in Residence 12:20 to 12:55 – Stamp Making
February 8th – Abby’s Mum Teaches Yoga to 3B
February 9 – House Shirt Day & 3B iTime Share with Parents & CYN Get Together – 1:20- 2:20
February 12 to 14th – Students welcome to wear Chinese New Year’s traditional clothing
February 12 – 3B Valentine’s Day Party  – Standby for details
February 13th – CNY Flower Fair 8:05 – 8:40 & CYN Concert 1:00 to 2:00
February 26th – No School for Students / PD Day for Teachers

LINK to this Week’s Photos – Please let me know if this works. Trying a new system.

*** Updated Day Change – Please note the students will have PE on WEDNESDAY 31st &  7th instead of Mondays. Not on Tuesdays. So Sorry for the mix-up.

It has been an action-packed few weeks. First thanks to all of you who were able to come and cheer on the students at Sports day!

How We Express Ourselves Kicks Off:

Last week, Grade 3 kicked off our new unit with an Art Crawl during which students had a chance to express themselves through the arts. They chose from working with clay, photography, dance, painting,  or fabric arts.
Please check out your child’s blog to find out about the elements of culture.


PA and Art and Culture Rotations

On Monday, we kicked off our three week PA and Art Rotations. This is a great chance for students to tune into how cultures express themselves through the arts. Students have a chance to learn about different cultures and art forms and having an opportunity to create different art forms as well.

Maori Carving: Students learned about Maori culture, the carvings they create, and the meanings behind them. They looked at the koru, the fern, which symbolizes regrowth, peace, and tranquility. They looked at the fish hook, hei-matau, which symbolizes good luck, safety upon travels, and strength.

Street Art: Others went off to learn about street art with Ms. Williams, developing an understanding that street art is not owned by anyone but owned by everyone. They also understood that street art is not permanent or forever, but is constantly changing. Then they had a chance to create their own street art.

Nazca Lines: With Ms. B, students learned more about Peru and the Nazca lines. Using paint, glue, and sand, students created art that mimics the geoglyphs in the Nazca desert in southern Peru.

Photography: Ms. Glazier and Mr. Jackson shared some photography tips and editing tools using the app Snapseed. They learned about the rule of thirds, breaking the rule, filling the frame, and the minimalist approach.

Haisla Art: With me, students learned about First Nations art. They heard a story about a fisherman and a raven. In the spirit of First Nations colours and shapes, they created some sketches of the story.


Realistic Fiction:

We have started our author study of Michael Morpurgo. Students are reading ‘just right books’ in small groups. They are developing their metacognitive skills with a specific focus on inference skills.

Sports Day, Scholastic Orders Tomorrow and DDD Friday

Dear CDNIS community,

The 2017-18 CDNIS Grade 3/4 Sports Day will take place on Thursday the 25th of January.   Students will be participating in a variety of activities at the Stanley Ho Sports Complex in Sandy Bay.  We will be leaving the school at 8:15 am and returning for dismissal prior to 2:20pm.  

In preparation for the day, students will need to bring the following items:
– Healthy snacks and packed lunch. No McDonald’s, etc…  Please.  There will be no school lunch provided on this day.

A reusable water bottle, which can be refilled at the sports ground. Please label the water bottle with the student’s name. Juice is also fine.

A hat.

Students should have a healthy breakfast that day.

Please no electronic devices.

Students are required to wear appropriate footwear as well as their CDNIS PE uniform.

Please bring extra appropriate clothing if the weather is cold or rainy.

Parents are welcome to come out and cheer you on.  Students will begin competing at approximately 8:45 at the sports-ground.

Please inform your child’s homeroom if you plan to pick up your child from Sandy Bay Sports Ground.

Lower School PE Team

Friday is Dress Down Day
Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my! This month’s DDD theme is to dress as your favourite animal. All donations will be given to Kirsten’s Zoo, an animal rescue organization that provides shelter and medical care to abandoned or neglected animals in Hong Kong. More information can be found here.

Reminder: Scholastic Order

Order forms will be are due on January 24th in the main office or to Ms. Jaye. Books will be distributed shortly after the CNY break.

 Please email christina.matulahakli@cispa.hk with any questions about past and present orders.

Spotlight Updates & Sports Day Reminder

Temporary 3B PE Change of Day: 
In order to facilitate Spotlight rehearsals, 3B will be having PE classes on Tuesdays instead of Mondays for Jan 22nd, 29th and Feb 5th.  This means the students will need to wear their PE uniform Tuesdays. They will also have PE on Thursdays as usual.
Instrument Making: (For Canada Group)
Grade 3 will be making instruments starting this week. One of the instruments, the ugly stick from Newfoundland, requires Grade 3 students to scour their homes for the following:
  • old shoes/boots that are not worn anymore
  • jingly things that can be screwed onto the ugly stick (ie. bottle caps, washers, keys, metal rings)
  • tin cans (clean them first please!)
  • combs

Ms. T in the Maker’s Space will help us with the construction of ugly sticks in the coming week, so the sooner you bring your materials in, the better! Make sure that you understand these materials are donations, we can’t guarantee that you’ll get them back! For more information on these projects check out Ms. Benusa’s blog here.

Sports Day: 
Grade 3 Sports Day will take place this Thursday in Sandy Bay at Stanley Ho Sports Ground 0800-1400. Students come to school as normal. We will go to Sandy Bay as a class on a school bus. We will also return to the school together. Students are asked to bring a packed lunch, snacks, water bottle, sunscreen, hat and light coat or raincoat if necessary, as well as wear their PE uniform. Parents are invited to meet us down at Sandy Bay and cheer the kids on!