Week 14th to 18th

Important Dates:

May 21st – Monday Swimming please bring a set of clothing – see note below
May 22nd – Public Holiday
Wednesday, May 23rd – 3B Field Trip to Grassroots Pantry and Zero Waste Store
May 30th, Wednesday – G3 End of Year Beach Celebration
June 5th, Tuesday – 3B Class Party – 1:00 to 2:20

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Dear Parents,
What a productive week.


– Made Rube Goldberg machines as they defined the concept of systems
– Inquired into the systems involved in the production and distribution of goods
– filmed 30-second persuasive speeches using green green technology
– Continued to build their paragraph writing skills to better support their reasoning. Please see examples below and ask your child to explain the colour coding system.
-Focused on the relationship between improper and mixed numbers
– Participated in three days of MAP testing

Grassroots and LiveZero Fieldtrip

Our field trip is coming up very soon and we are very excited to be visiting both Grassroots Pantry and LiveZero.
To make this field trip more worthwhile, your child may bring in some money (Please ensure that the money is stored safely with your child’s octopus card.) and some reusable containers to make purchases at LiveZero.  Have a chat with your child about making wise purchases based on the needs of the family. Does the family need a bit more quinoa? Perhaps some pasta? Some nuts or dried fruit? How will your child bring this home? Will they prepare a container or an old plastic bag? Why is purchasing at LiveZero a choice the family would want to make?
We are encouraging zero waste so I am hoping that no child will use the paper bags offered at the store. The store also sells reusable snack bags that might be of interest. These are great for school lunches.

Finally, students, weather permitting, will be having lunch outside at King George V Memorial Park. We are encouraging zero waste lunches. Please pack a zero waste lunch. No plastic wrap, single serve snack packs, or juice boxes. Instead, use reusable containers. Drink water.

Message from Swim Instructors

Hi Parents,
We are currently doing Water Safety in our PE Aquatic Programme with Lower School students.  
So far this term, we have covered Lifejackets, Safe Entries to Water and Survival Swimming skills along with practicing improvement of swimming strokes and technique correction. 
A big emphasis for this age group is on safety – in and around water. 
Next week, we would like students to bring some spare old clothing with them to experience what it feels like to be in, thread and / or swim in water with clothes on. 
For next lesson, can you please pack some spare old clothing for your son/daughter and preferably white/ bash colours that won’t come off in water – A top and pants are enough.
Also bring a bag to put the clothes in after. 
Teachers are aware that some students may be nervous / anxious on the thought of going into water with clothes on and will act accordingly. 
Teachers will also be helping students rinse out the excess water from clothing after their class. 
Finally, from next term all swimmers will need to wear a swim hat uniform in the pool. This is common practice in all pools for hygienic reasons and to stop hair getting caught in the drains and filters. There are a limited number of CDNIS swim hats still available in our stock. The hats cost $20 each. If you would like to purchase a hat, please see a member of staff at swimming pool office. 
Kind Regards, Darren McHugh”

 Grade 5 Book Drive:

Our names are Victoria and Takdeer, we are from the grade 5 Mountain Lion action group. We are here to tell you about the book drive. Hands up if you enjoy reading. (they do it). Did you know that you are actually very lucky? You probably have so many things that other people around the world don’t have, but even kids in hong kong have this problem, for example, books. But don’t worry, the mountain lion leap group and The Charity kids4kids is here to help. Kids for Kids is an organization which gives the opportunity to let kids read who don’t get to. They donate books and have workshops to give the kids joy and happiness. There is something called a book drive, where there are boxes on The boxes will be on the 9th-floor lobby, 6th-floor bridge and the 5th floor. Afterwards, boxes will be put in different classes so it will be easier for grades. This book drive is going on for 1 month. I hope all of you can make a difference and help and donate some books for kids just like you. Thank you so much for listening.


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