May 7th to 11th

Dates to Remember:
May 16th, 17th & 18th – G3 MAP Testing
May 22nd – Public Holiday
Wednesday, May 23rd – 3B Field Trip to Grassroots Pantry and Zero Waste Store
May 30th, Wednesday – G3 End of Year Beach Celebration
June 5th, Tuesday – 3B Class Party – 1:00 to 2:20

Yesterday, grade 3 had the opportunity to listen to an ex-CDNIS student, Peggy, share how her restaurant, Grassroots Pantry, supports sustainable food production and distribution. There was a lot of good information shared with our learners, and this will, no doubt, get solidified when we visit the restaurant on May 23rd.

This Thursday and Friday was CDNIS’ Make Create Collaborate, and it was a huge success.  What is Make Create Collaborate? It was an opportunity for Performing and Visual Arts, and Technology to come together to offer learners an opportunity to experience different forms of art. There was kazoo making, brush bot making, karaoke, shadow puppetry, Chinese calligraphy, and more. Great times!

Laptop Purchasing:

Please note, the deadline for purchasing MacBook for next year before May 31st.  If you have questions, please forward to Makky Fung or OneDoor.


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