To Camp and Back

Upcoming Dates:
Monday, April 23rd – DDD – Wear Green!
Tuesday, April 24th – Author Visit
Friday, April 27th – SLLR – Students come to school with their parents at their scheduled time. They are asked to wear normal school uniform.
Link to 3B Camp Photos

Thanks to Mr. Jackson for making this great movie!

We want to thank Dorothy,  Abby’s mum, for coming in and teaching the Bikinis yoga! We are looking forward to our next session.

Message from the Orcas
We are a group of students in the Orca house participating in the LEAP program. We would like to share with you our Orca house charity, Plastic Free Seas.
We are organising a plastic drive. We would like to ask students from grades 4-6 to bring some of their plastic waste to school. We are planning to collect the plastic. With the plastic we collect, we will be making art.
Please use this LINK to learn more.

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