Nov 13th to 17th

Important Dates:

Friday, November 24th – Camp Permission Slip and Payment due
DDD – Dress as your future/dream job – $20 Donation to Kids4Kids
Sunday, November 26th – CISPA Family Fun Fair
December 13th Last Day of Term – Dismissal at 11am

LINK to this Week’s Photos

Reflections & New Beginnings:

How the World Works Summative

This week students completed our summative assessment for our How the World Works unit. Each and every one of them showed marked growth in their knowledge and the depth with which they share their understanding on paper. They are now reaching beyond listing ideas and developing their ability to explain, provide examples and elaborate further. They are also looking for ways to extend their learning and take action. Please take time to celebrate their growth with them and ask them to share their summative with you. It is posted in their portfolio.

Geometry Inquiry

Students also completed our Geometry unit with the big reveal of the student’s 3D printed personalized game pieces. Today students reflected on the process of designing and making the piece. This reflection has been captured on a KidsPic collage. This along with our Book of Geometry will be added to the portfolios early next week. Please check out the detailed comparison the students made between a triangle and a pentagonal prism!

Exploration Blast Off!

We kicked off our Where We are in Place in Time unit this week. The students reflected on what they thought exploration was and why it is important. We all agreed that exploration is the process of making discoveries. We want to find out new things and learn. We discover facts or things and places. It happens throughout time and in different places. It can even happen in your backyard!  

Students decided exploration was important for many reasons. Some of our thoughts were:
Exploration leads to new understandings and discoveries.
Exploration leads to change and different perspectives & a new future.
We do things differently as a result.
We cross boundaries.
We have new lives.
Lets us know about the world.
Over time we build on understandings and this leads to new things and change.
People learn from others over time.
Generations learn from other generations.
Sometimes the impacts are good. Sometimes they are bad.
So we won’t be left with wonders.
We become more capable.

Oh yes, and there’s more! Explorers can or need to:

  • Take risks
  • Communicate
  • Believe in themselves
  • Can inspire
  • Set an example
  • Have wonders they are wanting to solve
  • Invent new tools and technologies they need in order to explore
  • Express themselves

We then went up to the Green Roof and explored ourselves. We found that once we had a focus we really learned things. Exploration takes focus, observation, and attention to detail.

I’d say we are off to a pretty good start!

November 24 Dress Down Day

Our Lower School Dress Down Day theme this month is your future/dream job! The money collected will be donated to Kids4Kids. This is one of our house charities that help children reach their goals. They are mostly focused on literacy development and youth empowerment.

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