Nov 6th to 10th

Important Dates:


Friday, November 24th – DDD – Theme to be Announced
Sunday, November 26th – CISPA Family Fun Fair
Date Change*** – Monday, April 16th to Wednesday, April 18th – G3 Camp

Dear G3 Parents,

Kindly note that the dates for our G3 camp have been moved forward to mid-April, as follows:

Dates: From Monday, April 16th to Wednesday, April 18th
Venue:  YMCA Wong Yi Chau Youth Camp, Sai Kung

The change of dates from the original calendar was required because the G3 Team made the decision to book a new site as opposed to returning to the location from last year. The YMCA Wong Yi Chau Youth Camp in Sai Kung promises to be a better choice, for both the quality of accommodation and the activity program that has been designed in collaboration with Asia Pacific Adventure. 
The camp information letter including trip costs and permission slip will be sent out early next week. Please note we will be requesting payment by November 24th.
Warmest Regards,
G3 Team


Week’S Highlights

Remembrance Day Service:

We would like to say how proud we are of our Timber Tone choir members for their participation in today’s very moving Remembrance Day Service.

Scientific Principles in Action:

Students have been learning about the scientific principles: gravity, tension, compression, and stability. This week they were given the opportunity to apply their understandings. On Monday they designed and made a prototype of a chair. The students first examined chairs in the classroom to pinpoint how chairs are built to meet both aesthetic and structural specifications.  The students then worked in groups to design their own chairs and had thirty minutes to build a prototype. Later in the week, the students continued to apply their understandings as they designed and built a prototype of a building. Applying the Design Thinking model, teams had to think of the needs of their user, the scientific principles, and the aesthetic features. They also had to figure out how to work effectively as a team.


Mr. G’s Home Renovations:

Mr. Grantham visited the class and gave a talk about the factors he needed to consider during his home renovation. His talk deepened student’s understanding of how the function of a building and the needs of the user inform its final design and form. 

3D Game Piece Update:

Students completed their designs of their 3D game pieces. Their designs have been submitted and the 3D printers are buzzing as they print the Bikinis unique structures.

Next week we will kick off our Where we are in place and time unit. The unit will focus on explorations throughout history.

Repeat Items:

Seussical Jr.: Audition Packs Available for Download

Information about auditions and the audition pack for the LS Musical Production: Seussical Jr. is now available on the musical blog. Sign-ups for auditions will start November 6 (with a link that will be posted on the same blog). Auditions for the production will be the week of November 20. For more information please contact Ms. Benusa at


Parenting Talk – Sensory Processing Disorder

Does your child find everyday tasks challenging? Are they distracted by touch/sounds/lights? Do they find it challenging to sit still for a short while? These are just some of the symptoms which might stand out to you. In this parenting talk on November 15 from 8am-9:30 am in the LLAC, Lorena Kastner will provide an understanding of SPD and strategies for you to understand and assist your child. RSVP here.


Yearbook Cover Contest: 

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