Sep 18th to 22nd

Week September 18th to 22nd

Tuesday, 26th – 3B Mid-Autumn Class Party 12:20 pm to 12:55 pm – Students should bring a shopping bag.
Wednesday, 27th – Pancake and PJs DayStudents welcome to wear PJs and bring stuff toy
Thursday, 28th & Friday, 29th – Three Way Learning ConversationsThere will be no regular classes on these days. Students accompany parents to conference. Students wear CDNIS uniform.
Monday,  October 9th – Professional Learning Day for Teachers – No School for Students
Tuesday, October 10th – 3B Canadian Thanksgiving Get Together – 12:20 –  12:55 -Please stay tuned for details
Friday, October 13th – G3B Bikinis’ Assembly1:40 Forum

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Math Action

We are rounding out our unit on place value and patterns. Students have been applying their understanding of rounding as they buy pretend pizzas and groceries. But at this week’s Book Fair, they showed they can round with the best of them in a real-life situation.  We have also been expanding the ways in which they can represent numbers. Students used the tool Mark Up, on their iPads, to show their understanding. (Ask your child to show you the nifty way they can write numbers in expanded form.) Students took action by exploring Roman numerals. We are continuing to practice reading large numbers. As you can imagine, this unit never ends. We continue to build on these concepts as the year continues.

UOI: Sorting Out, Going Further and Drawing Conclusions:

Students are at the stage of this inquiry where they are sorting out what they know, what they still want to know and clarifying the things they are unsure of. As part of this process, students collected the thoughts of the class, summarized these understandings and presented their understandings to the class.  Students are continuing to develop their abilities to ask open-ended questions.

Upcoming PJ & Pancake Day

Next Wednesday, students are welcome to wear their PJs to school. They are also allowed to bring their stuffies. (Please note students need to take good care of their stuffies and not let them run away!)

Grade 2 to Grade 6 – $37 (Includes sausage, drink, and dessert)
Pancake purchasing is a little bit different in G3. Students in G3 – 6 may pay with cash or Octopus card. Students with school lunch will receive pancakes at no extra cost.

Parenting the Digital Native- a workshop for parents of students G3-10

CDNIS welcomes Dr Mark Gandolfi from the St. John’s Cathedral Counseling Team Wednesday, September 27 at 7pm-8:30 pm in the LLAC Lobby. This parent workshop will focus on how to parent children in a digital world. The Internet is a vital part of our world and an important tool in education and research shows young people are spending an average 44.5 hours per week online. Do you have the skills to parent against that type of influence? Please RSVP here.


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