Last Week!

Dates to Remember:
NONE! Just have a fabulous summer!

Well, Ms. Jaye and I can’t believe how fast this year has gone. I guess that time really does fly when you are having fun!. Thank you again for all your support! Please check out the Bikinis’ final self-portrait doodles. They are amazing!

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Note from Ms. Williams:

Dear Parents of Grade 3,
Thank you for the City Super gift card! I had a lot of fun teaching your kids this year. It’s always amazing to see how grade 3 students change and mature from August to June!
Enjoy your summer – so much time for reading! This year kids and parents can check out library books for the summer, plus everyone can read ebooks on OverDrive all year long. (The username and password are both their student number. Email me if you need help.)
Cheers and happy reading!
Ms. Williams

Beach Party Reminders!!!

YAY! Tomorrow is our Grade 3 beach party!


Students need to bring…
Swimsuits, sun-shirt or old t-shirt to wear in water, towel, sunglasses
Change of clothing
water bottle
Snack and packed lunch
Beach toys but NO floaties or water guns

May 21st to 25th

Important Dates:

May 30th, Wednesday – G3 End of Year Beach Celebration
June 5th, Tuesday – 3B Class Party – 1:00 to 2:20
June 7th, iPads go Home

Dear Parents,

Today your child will be bringing home their MAP results. Please read the detailed letter sent as well and remember that MAP results are one snapshot of your child’s understandings.

Big thank you to all the parents who joined us on our field trip to Live Zero and Grassroots Pantry. Also, we are so proud of Kendrick, Mari and Patrick for performing during our G3 Showcase.



Week 14th to 18th

Important Dates:

May 21st – Monday Swimming please bring a set of clothing – see note below
May 22nd – Public Holiday
Wednesday, May 23rd – 3B Field Trip to Grassroots Pantry and Zero Waste Store
May 30th, Wednesday – G3 End of Year Beach Celebration
June 5th, Tuesday – 3B Class Party – 1:00 to 2:20

Link to this Week’s Photos

Dear Parents,
What a productive week.


– Made Rube Goldberg machines as they defined the concept of systems
– Inquired into the systems involved in the production and distribution of goods
– filmed 30-second persuasive speeches using green green technology
– Continued to build their paragraph writing skills to better support their reasoning. Please see examples below and ask your child to explain the colour coding system.
-Focused on the relationship between improper and mixed numbers
– Participated in three days of MAP testing

Grassroots and LiveZero Fieldtrip

Our field trip is coming up very soon and we are very excited to be visiting both Grassroots Pantry and LiveZero.
To make this field trip more worthwhile, your child may bring in some money (Please ensure that the money is stored safely with your child’s octopus card.) and some reusable containers to make purchases at LiveZero.  Have a chat with your child about making wise purchases based on the needs of the family. Does the family need a bit more quinoa? Perhaps some pasta? Some nuts or dried fruit? How will your child bring this home? Will they prepare a container or an old plastic bag? Why is purchasing at LiveZero a choice the family would want to make?
We are encouraging zero waste so I am hoping that no child will use the paper bags offered at the store. The store also sells reusable snack bags that might be of interest. These are great for school lunches.

Finally, students, weather permitting, will be having lunch outside at King George V Memorial Park. We are encouraging zero waste lunches. Please pack a zero waste lunch. No plastic wrap, single serve snack packs, or juice boxes. Instead, use reusable containers. Drink water.

Message from Swim Instructors

Hi Parents,
We are currently doing Water Safety in our PE Aquatic Programme with Lower School students.  
So far this term, we have covered Lifejackets, Safe Entries to Water and Survival Swimming skills along with practicing improvement of swimming strokes and technique correction. 
A big emphasis for this age group is on safety – in and around water. 
Next week, we would like students to bring some spare old clothing with them to experience what it feels like to be in, thread and / or swim in water with clothes on. 
For next lesson, can you please pack some spare old clothing for your son/daughter and preferably white/ bash colours that won’t come off in water – A top and pants are enough.
Also bring a bag to put the clothes in after. 
Teachers are aware that some students may be nervous / anxious on the thought of going into water with clothes on and will act accordingly. 
Teachers will also be helping students rinse out the excess water from clothing after their class. 
Finally, from next term all swimmers will need to wear a swim hat uniform in the pool. This is common practice in all pools for hygienic reasons and to stop hair getting caught in the drains and filters. There are a limited number of CDNIS swim hats still available in our stock. The hats cost $20 each. If you would like to purchase a hat, please see a member of staff at swimming pool office. 
Kind Regards, Darren McHugh”

 Grade 5 Book Drive:

Our names are Victoria and Takdeer, we are from the grade 5 Mountain Lion action group. We are here to tell you about the book drive. Hands up if you enjoy reading. (they do it). Did you know that you are actually very lucky? You probably have so many things that other people around the world don’t have, but even kids in hong kong have this problem, for example, books. But don’t worry, the mountain lion leap group and The Charity kids4kids is here to help. Kids for Kids is an organization which gives the opportunity to let kids read who don’t get to. They donate books and have workshops to give the kids joy and happiness. There is something called a book drive, where there are boxes on The boxes will be on the 9th-floor lobby, 6th-floor bridge and the 5th floor. Afterwards, boxes will be put in different classes so it will be easier for grades. This book drive is going on for 1 month. I hope all of you can make a difference and help and donate some books for kids just like you. Thank you so much for listening.


May 7th to 11th

Dates to Remember:
May 16th, 17th & 18th – G3 MAP Testing
May 22nd – Public Holiday
Wednesday, May 23rd – 3B Field Trip to Grassroots Pantry and Zero Waste Store
May 30th, Wednesday – G3 End of Year Beach Celebration
June 5th, Tuesday – 3B Class Party – 1:00 to 2:20

Yesterday, grade 3 had the opportunity to listen to an ex-CDNIS student, Peggy, share how her restaurant, Grassroots Pantry, supports sustainable food production and distribution. There was a lot of good information shared with our learners, and this will, no doubt, get solidified when we visit the restaurant on May 23rd.

This Thursday and Friday was CDNIS’ Make Create Collaborate, and it was a huge success.  What is Make Create Collaborate? It was an opportunity for Performing and Visual Arts, and Technology to come together to offer learners an opportunity to experience different forms of art. There was kazoo making, brush bot making, karaoke, shadow puppetry, Chinese calligraphy, and more. Great times!

Laptop Purchasing:

Please note, the deadline for purchasing MacBook for next year before May 31st.  If you have questions, please forward to Makky Fung or OneDoor.


April 30th to May 4th

Upcoming Dates:
Monday, May 7th – 1:1 Laptop parent talk in the Library –  7:50-8:50 am
Friday, May 11th – Fieldtrip Forms Due & House Shirt Day
May 16th, 17th & 18th – G3 MAP Testing
Wednesday, May 23rd – 3B Field Trip to Grassroots Pantry and Zero Waste Store
Link to This Week’s Photos

Dear Parents,
As I know many have you have heard rumours that I will not be returning to CDNIS next academic year. It is with mixed feelings that I have to tell you that this is true. After seven years of living internationally, I have decided it is to move home, back to Vancouver. Thank you for raising such amazing young people! I am excited to make the most of the time we have left with this wonderful group of students!

All my very best,

Big NEWS! Last Week EVERY Bikini earned a spot in the flower! Please ask your child what this means.


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Week April 23rd to 27th

Upcoming Dates:
May 1st – Holiday
May 4th – DDD
May 7th – 1 to 1 Laptop Information for Parents 7:50 am in the Library Pit
May 16th – 18th – Grade 3 MAP Testing
May 22nd – Holiday

Link to this week’s Photos

Thank you all for coming in today and celebrating the Bikinis’ learning journeys! Ms.Jaye and I are so very proud of everyone’s growth over this past year. Please check out the link above to see this week’s learning in action. We will be adding your family photos over the next few days.

We also want to give a shout out to all the grade six students for their great exhibition. We had an opportunity to visit yesterday. It really inspired us all to reflect on how we can take action to make the world a better place.

To Camp and Back

Upcoming Dates:
Monday, April 23rd – DDD – Wear Green!
Tuesday, April 24th – Author Visit
Friday, April 27th – SLLR – Students come to school with their parents at their scheduled time. They are asked to wear normal school uniform.
Link to 3B Camp Photos

Thanks to Mr. Jackson for making this great movie!

We want to thank Dorothy,  Abby’s mum, for coming in and teaching the Bikinis yoga! We are looking forward to our next session.

Message from the Orcas
We are a group of students in the Orca house participating in the LEAP program. We would like to share with you our Orca house charity, Plastic Free Seas.
We are organising a plastic drive. We would like to ask students from grades 4-6 to bring some of their plastic waste to school. We are planning to collect the plastic. With the plastic we collect, we will be making art.
Please use this LINK to learn more.

Camp Reminders

Camp is just around the corner and we hope everyone is excited! Throughout this week 3B is having an opportunity to ask questions and share thoughts about camp. For the most part, the children are showing a growth mindset and enthusiasm and most are just asking some logistical questions. That being said,  it would be great if you could help your child allay fears (if any) by discussing what they are worried about, and to help with strategies that might overcome this.
On Friday, the children will be informed of their Camp Team and sleeping arrangements. A few weeks back the students were asked to share with us names of children they would like to be with and we can guarantee every child has least one friend with them. We have spent a lot of time trying to ensure there is a balance between being with a friend who will make them feel comfortable and also having a chance to interact with some other peers.

 If your child is taking medication please place it in a labeled ‘Zipoc’ bag with clear directions for use to be handed in Friday or upon arrival on MondayPlease also email me letting me know that your son/daughter will have this medication with them.

In case of personal or family emergency during camp, we would like to remind you to contact Mr. Rob Grantham directly at 9621 9751 or at, NOT the homeroom teacher. If necessary, you can reach him through the reception office at 2525 7088 and he will get back to you as soon as possible.

Here is a copy of the kit list to help the children with their packing. A reminder that on Monday wearing his/her school PE uniform. There is always lots of lost and found at camp, so please label all of your child’s clothing –especially PE shorts as they are all the same!It would also be helpful if the luggage was labelled with a name tag. As rain is a possibility, it would also be a good idea to have extra socks and to have rain jackets packed in day packs not in the big bags.

We will depart school around 8:00 on Monday and plan to arrive back at CDNIS by 1:15 on Wednesday.  Students can take their regular school buses home or are welcome to be picked up. If you are picking up your child before 2:20, please let me know and sign them out from the 9th-floor office.

I know from experience how awesome, yet exhausting, camp can be, and I fully expect that Wednesday will be a very early bedtime for everyone (including me!). If your child is really tired, please know that there is nothing wrong with allowing a little sleep in on Thursday morning 🙂

Last but not least, if you are interested, you can follow us on Twitter #CDNISG3camp . 

Is that all? I think so. If you have any further questions, please just let me know.

Looking forward to a great few days!

March 26th to 29th

Important Dates:  

Camp Enrollment Forms need to be completed ASAP – see note below
April 9th: Swimming Begins – The Bikinis swim on Mondays until June 1st
April 16th,17th,18th: G3 Camp!

Link to this Week’s Photos

Happy Easter Holidays! Thanks to all the parents who came out today and helped with our 3B Bikini Easter Party. What fun we had! Thanks also to CISPA for their wonderful staff appreciation spread on Wednesday. You are making my pledge not to eat sugar more than challenging!

A big shout out to our six 3B Bikinis, Andre, Lexy, Brayden, Tyler, Maddy and Tyler, who were part of the cast and crew of Seussical the Musical! Wow! The high level of commitment, dedication, creativity, teamwork and problem-solving needed was so impressive. We are all so proud of you!!! You all knocked our socks off!! It was also so wonderful how supportive all the other Bikinis were of their classmates. What a kind group of humans!

This week students learned how coal is transformed to produce electrical energy and are continuing to find out the pros and cons of different energy sources. They are in the process of deciding which form of energy they would like to research and become an expert in. We also kicked off our inquiry into motion geometry through the lens of transformation. Students are using the app Dotable to show reflection, rotations and translations. They are also applying these skills to solve coding challenges.

We hope you have a wonderful break!

General Reminders

Swimming: A reminder that swimming for the 3B Bikinis starts Monday, April 9th and runs until June 1st.

Classroom Blogs on the CDNIS App – launching in April
The new CDNIS mobile app will be officially launched after Spring Break. One of the items on the app are direct links to all Lower School blogs – Pre Reception to Grade 6 homeroom, Chinese, Learning Support, Library, LTT, PE, and Visual and Performing Arts. Hopefully, the direct links will allow parents quicker and easier access to the blogs. Any questions, or if you want to see the app/how your blog appears, please see Melanie in Communications.

Camp is just around the corner. It would be great if you could help your child allay fears by discussing what they are worried about, and to help with strategies that might overcome this. If they have not yet slept away from home, it might be a good idea to arrange a sleepover at a friend’s or at Grandma and Grandpa’s.

Camp Enrollment Form: If you have not yet completed APA’s digital enrolment form, please do so ASAP. It is a requirement for all participants in order to ensure the program meets any medical or dietary requirements.  So far only 34 people have completed the form.