Upcoming Events for: January – February

Hello to you and to 2019!

Here are some things to note and to look forward to in the upcoming days and weeks. We have started new units in the following subject areas: In reading we are learning the elements of Realistic Fiction.  In reading we are learning the elements of Realistic Fiction. In writing we are learning to produce a realistic writing piece.  In UOI, we are launching a unit titled, How We Organize Ourselves. In math we are inquiring into measurement; where the main emphasis is placed on area, perimeter, length, width, height, metric conversions, and mass, volume and capacity. Look for more on these in your child’s classroom journals.

Here are some important dates:
-Progress Reports: Your child’s progress report will be starting today. Here is the link to access your child’s progress report. Please access this link to learn how to view your child’s progress report.

-Learning Reviews: Should you feel compelled or have the need to meet with me to discuss any part of your child’s Progress Report, you are welcome to schedule a 10-minute conversation on either January 17 or 18th. Please access this link to learn how to schedule a learning review session.

-PE: Please remember to wear the appropriate uniforms on Mondays and Wednesdays.

-Dental Appointments: January 30 @ MacLehose Dental Center 1F, Note: Registered students need to bring a toothbrush and their Student Dental Care Services Book (if they have one).

ASAs Session 2: Begins Saturday, January 12

-Swim: February 12-April 12

-Robotics: January 16, 23, 30, and February 13, 20, 27

-Grade 4B Assembly: Our class will be leading the Grades 3-4 Assembly on Friday, January 25th.