Upcoming Events for: December 3-January 7

Dear Parents.

In math, we’ve been learning about multiplication and division. We use multiplication and division in many day-to-day situations. Practicing basic multiplication and division facts from 1 x 1 to 10 x 10 at home will help your child develop automatic recall of these facts. Building this foundation will allow students continue to feel confident and be successful as the mathematical concepts we explore in class become increasingly challenging. Here is an example of a game you can play:

Multiplication Challenge
Divide a deck of cards into two even piles
Remove the jokes and face cards – Ace counts as one
Each player turns over two cards and multiplies the numbers on the cards
The player with the greatest answer takes the cards
Continue playing until one player has run out of cards

In addition to this activity, ask your child to share how we use dice to generate math problems in class. All you need is a deck of cards or a pair of dice and you’ve got a fun way to practice their math facts! Mathletics, Xtra math and Greg Tang are also good online resources for your child to explore at home.

News and Upcoming Dates:

-Leaving Early for the Winter Holidays: Please contact me via email to let me know if your child will be absent before our official winter holiday begins.

-MegaBox Ice Skating Field Trip December 14 – Parent Volunteers Needed: The G4 students will go on our highly anticipated annual ice skating field trip! It’s a super fun day that everyone enjoys and we need your help to tie skates, do head counts, take photos and join in on the fun! We’ll leave school at 9:30 and return back by 1:30. Please email me if you are interested in joining us. We need two parent volunteers to go on the bus with our class and everyone else can feel free to join us at the rink! Thanks for your continued support!

-December 17 at 1:00-2:20 4B Winter Celebration in Class – Parents feel free to join us!

-December 20 : Early Dismissal 11:00

-January 7 : First Day Back for Students after the Winter Holiday