Looping prompt for Apple ID password on iPad

When Apple launch iOS6, they changed the security question for an Apple ID from 1 question to 3 questions. For most cases, on an iPad when you are prompted to update your Apple ID to 3 questions, a window pops up and ask you select your 3 questions. For some unknown reasons, I came across a situation that when the window pops up, it is blank. Then the Apple ID password window appears, looping. That means after typing in the Apple ID and the password correctly, the Apple ID password window reappears again and again.…Read more

iPad Meet and Share

I am learning how to use the pen and brush to draw and apply color in Illustrator. I used an image that I found for a book club as my reference and then create a layer on top to copy the drawing.  Finally, I changed the books these ladies are holding into iPad to create my iPad Meet and Share poster.Read more

Unable to delete apps after upgrade to iOS6

In Apple Configurator 1.1.2, the supervised iPads has an issue of unable to delete the apps. This is caused by a restriction of "Disables removing Apps" in the "Supervision Profile". There is no way to remove this restriction. You need to upgrade to Apple Configurator 1.2 to solve this issue.Read more

November is Evidence Month

This is a relatively easy poster to create. The challenge for this poster is to allow the teachers to get an idea of why and how we would like to collect technological evidence in the classroom before reading a page long written description. This poster was used in email when launching the evidence collecting campaign in November. It was also posted around the school to remind teachers to provide technological evidence to LTT team.Read more

PYP Notice Board

This is the first time I create a poster with more than 1 artboard in Illustrator. The biggest challenge of this poster is to create the puzzle piece that can fit together.Read more

Cannot sync photos from iPads to desktop via iPhoto

When an iPad is supervised by Apple Configurator (v1.1.2), I found that we cannot get the photos on the iPad using iPhoto connecting to a Mac. How to get the photos from a supervised iPad? 1. Use Dropbox     Sign in Dropbox on your iPad     When you first sign-in, you will get a window asking you about Camera Upload     You have a choice of Save All, Only New or Cancel     Click Enable. All upload will go to Uploads > Camera Upload.     If you've chosen Save All, all photos on…Read more

How to add apps purchased on iPads to Apple Configurator

Login to iTunes. Click the Home button in iTunes. On the right hand side where it says Quick Links, click on "Purchased". Download the apps to your computer. In Finder, go to HomeFolder > Music > iTunes > iTunes Media > Mobile Applications. Drag the *.ipa files to the App list in Apple Configurator. You can now use Apple Configurator to deploy these Apps to the iPads.  Read more

Create Apple ID with no credit card associated

In CDNIS, we have a unique Apple ID associated with each iPad to ensure legal use of each App license. As VPP is not available in Hong Kong yet, we use the gifting approach for individual team who wants to acquire Paid Apps. The Apple ID on each iPad will not be associated with any credit card. However, if you create an Apple ID with the normal process, you have to enter credit card information. Solution/Work Around: To create an Apple ID with no credit card associated to it, Make sure you are…Read more

Introduction to Apple Configurator

We have started to use Apple Configurator to supervise our iPads in CDNIS since May 2012. Supervised devices are organized in custom groups (eg., Teacher Loan profile, Student Loan Profile, etc...) automatically apply common configurations in the profile can be quickly reapply to a different configuration and remove the previous user's data restrict supervised devices from syncing with other computers    Read more
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