Pico Fermi Bagel – May 28th-June 1st Update

Good afternoon everyone!

You may be wondering what “Pico Fermi Bagel” means, and I’m sure you’ll have the same reactions as the kids when you find out it’s a new math game! This new math game was introduced to the students and they loooooved it! It involves the lead person thinking of a three or four digit number, and the rest of the class trying to guess what it could be. The catch is that the lead person can give 3 clues; Pico, Fermi or Bagel! Each word is a clue to every digit, Pico means that digit is the correct number but in a wrong place. Fermi means that digit is the correct number in the correct place, and Bagel means the digit guessed is the wrong number altogether. If it sounds confusing don’t worry, I was confused when I heard about it myself but once you play it you quickly see how fun of a game it is! I encourage you to try it with your child this weekend, they seem to really love it and were eager to play it themselves when given the opportunity 🙂

We also had Transition Day this week which was really interesting for the students, they had an opportunity to visit all the Grade 3 classrooms and find out different things that will be happening in Grade 3. They are very interested in the Grade 3 Camp in particular! Feel free to ask your child what they heard and learned from seeing the Grade 3 teachers and what they are most looking forward to.


Another big focus this week was learning a new technique in Unit of Inquiry called “Personification”. All the students had an opportunity to explore what it meant to bring objects to life, and give them personalities and challenges to face. Each student got to think about an object and how they could bring it to life, we read the book The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors by Drew Daywalt and that inspired them to write their own stories. They worked hard all week drafting up a story, revising it and then finally editing it before they published it with their very own cover page. The students just posted onto their own student blogs today about it, and even read a little part of it as a sneak peek for you. Please feel free to check out that post with your child and ask them about it!


Something else your children may have mentioned is the balloon popping” that may have been happening in the classroom this week. Since it is the final week of school next week and we are beginning to wrap up all our learning before the end of the school year, we thought it would be a good idea for the students to come up with some fun activities they could do each day for the final week of school. I asked all the students to write their suggestions down of possible activities, and then we would place all their suggestions into balloons. Students were then asked to try and pop a balloon for each day of the week next week, and find out what activity suggestion lay inside! They really enjoyed popping these balloons and planning out what activities we could do next week, so we finalised that:

Monday – Extra “Free Choice” period
Tuesday – Pinic (to the green roof if the weather is nice)
Wednesday – Extra 9/F playground recess
Thursday – Games on the 11/F indoor playground
Friday – Freestyle Art Jam


That’s all for this week! Enjoy the weekend and I will see you all for the party next Monday 🙂

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