Passion Projects are finished! – Mar 5-9th Update

Hi everyone!

Our class Passion Projects are complete!!!! If you haven’t already heard from your child, since before CNY break, during Literacy times we have been learning about how to write a report and how it differs from the other types of writing we have learned thus far. Every child in the class got to select a topic they were interested in, and we called them our “Passion Projects”. We then learned how to properly do research by using jot notes, then organised the notes coherently. After learning about the research aspect, we then turned our attention towards how to draft up a report and what type of features a non-fiction text should include. The children have worked tirelessly on these reports for the last few weeks, learning as we go. Earlier this week we finally finished them, and look really good!! The children were given their reports to all take home this weekend, so if you haven’t already, be sure to check out all the hard work they have put into the report!


On Wednesday was our Alan Dick Community Blast Day. It was a lovely time to celebrate Mr. Alan Dick, our former principal who brought so much energy to the school, and someone who really emphasized the importance of community and for all of us to smile! The children were visited by a Grade 7 class and together we danced and got to know each other, as well had some pink cupcakes in honour of Alan!

In Unit of Inquiry, we have been moving on from looking specifically at Earth’s cycles, and moving towards how we can live with the future in mind after having learned about cycles and how they will continuously repeat. The students began to turn their thinking towards how we can better protect our Earth, as they have begun to understand that their actions will affect future generations. We talked about what probable and preferable futures meant, and how they differ from one another. Please ask your child to show you their post on their blogs, as they had an opportunity to express themselves and how they felt about the future of our Earth!

That is all for this week 🙂 Make sure to check out our Photos & Videos page for new photos of the kids from this week!


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