Home Learning during CNY

With the abrupt beginning to our Chinese New Year break, we have put together a variety of resources and learning engagements for students to do over the next 5 days. We’ve put together a range of online as well as offline suggestions for you to consider.  These engagements have been organised under unit of inquiry, mathematics and literacy. Some of these follow on from what we have been doing in the classroom while others are for going further or deeper in their learning.

Unit of Inquiry

For easy reference, here is the Home Learning page from our current unit of inquiry. You’ll also find it in the final page of our ‘Sharing the Planet Parent Overview’.

There are lots of websites and online books etc that can be accessed to become more knowledgeable about the Earth’s natural cycles. Click on the tiles on this symbaloo to explore certain topics in more depth.


You can also use Newsela and Wonderopolis to either explore within our unit of inquiry, or other topics that are interesting to you!

Are you interested in learning about what is going on in the world and what is happening in the news? Then this is the place for you. Newsela takes current affairs and news and re-writes the stories so they are accessible for students to read. Stay informed!

How curious are you feeling today?  How many of your questions have been left unanswered or unsolved??  Visit Wonderopolis to find the answers to the questions that kids like you ask. You can even submit a question of your own!



Oh No! 99.  This is our latest game and lots of fun, we did not have a chance to teach the students this game but feel free to have a go at home!. You can record the numbers on a piece of paper or use a counter with a hundreds chart to play. You can find the instructions here.

Spiral  – This is a popular game in 2A. Take a deck of cards (with the picture cards removed) and arrange them in a spiral. Roll a dice and move your counter. Add the total of the dice to the card, if correct – you can stay! If you land on a card with the same number you rolled – it’s a double, and you get a free go! The winner is the first to the end of the spiral

Make 10 – instructionsgame board

Flip 3 – Flip over 3 cards and see if you can make an equation with them (think part-part-whole) if it works you get to keep them. Instructions here.

Subtraction War – Here are the instructions for playing this game.


Games you can print out and play…

Addition Squares – Another very popular game! Here are two versions of the game, one with 10-sided dice or the original with normal 6-sided dice.

Make that  number – roll three dice and use addition and/or subtraction to think of an equation that ‘makes’ that number. It’s a strategic game – so see how many ‘four in a rows’ you can get! Here is the game board.


Online Fluency Practice

Mathletics has a range of different activities and even ‘live mathletics’ where you can play against other students from around the world. Challenge yourself to go beyond level 1.





Click on the icon to get to where you need to go! Kakooma is one of the featured games we have been enjoying lately.




Challenge yourself – click on either Xtra Math or Hit the Button to practice your number facts for addition and subtraction.



The next few days and Chinese New Years will be a great time to lose yourself in a book. You can visit local libraries, read your library books, or even go online to read books on Raz Kids, Big Universe and Pebble Go (these links are also on the Symbaloo.

You can continue to research animals, take notes and write your own information reports.

Brain Breaks

Great for when you need a brain break. There are plenty of songs and guided dances to rev you up, or mindful minutes to calm you down. See if you can find the ‘Water Cycle’ rap by Blazer,  which fits in with our unit!

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