SLLR Preparation!

You may have noticed that where possible at CDNIS, we want the students to take responsibility for their learning! This is often reflected in the choice they have on a daily basis with regard to learning experiences in the classroom etc, but more visible to you, as parents, are their role throughout the reporting progress. […]

Passion Projects are finished! – Mar 5-9th Update

Hi everyone! Our class Passion Projects are complete!!!! If you haven’t already heard from your child, since before CNY break, during Literacy times we have been learning about how to write a report and how it differs from the other types of writing we have learned thus far. Every child in the class got to select a topic they […]

Happy CNY! – Feb 27th-Mar 2nd Update

Hi everyone, Welcome back and a late happy Chinese New Year to all. I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing 2 weeks off, it was an unexpected early start for the break however I’m sure it was well spent! This week was definitely a fun filled week for us in 2A as there was […]

Home Learning during CNY

With the abrupt beginning to our Chinese New Year break, we have put together a variety of resources and learning engagements for students to do over the next 5 days. We’ve put together a range of online as well as offline suggestions for you to consider.  These engagements have been organised under unit of inquiry, […]

Carbon Cycle! – Jan 29th-Feb 2nd Update

Happy Friday everyone! Apologise for this being slightly delayed, however the parent overview for our current unit Sharing The Planet has been updated and here it is: STP Parent Overview 2017-2018. Please take a look!   In UOI this week we have been turning our focus to one specific cycle…The Carbon Cycle. The students utilised […]

Jan 8-12th Weekly Update!

Hi everyone, Here’s another weekly update for you all on what’s been going on in your child’s classroom this week! So firstly we started off the week with our field trip to Stanley Market and it was a great success! The students had a great time being able to wander through the market with their groups, […]