Adios Champions!!

by stevebrown on June 9, 2017

Yesterday, I said all my goodbyes and thank yous. I just wanted to write one last post to say thank you to everyone for the very generous end-of-year gift and superb card. I’m definitely going to miss the Champions!!!

A few things before we say goodbye for the summer.

Here’s the holiday video from Spring Holidays:

And a reminder to keep up with your reading over the summer:

Adios Champions!!! Have a great summer!!

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Last Two Weeks of Grade 4

by stevebrown on May 29, 2017

As we begin our last two weeks in 4C, here are a few important dates and events to make note of:

Tuesday 30th May – Tuen Ng Festival (no school)

Thursday 1st June – Transition Day. 4C will spend the first half of the morning visiting the Grade 5 classrooms to find out about next year in Grade 5. This is a presentation by all Grade 5 teachers, not the students’ respective Grade 5 teacher.

Friday 2nd June – Grade 4 End-of-Year Party. Between specialist classes and a Grade 3 assembly, Grade 4 will be having a grade wide celebration.

Monday 5th June – The Great Grade 4 Quiz Competition. 4C will go head to head with the other Grade 4 classes as they test their knowledge about geography, sports, history, pop culture, etc.

Tuesday 6th June – Class Clean Up. Bring a large bag to take home books, clothes, projects, posters, etc. Cubbies and trays should be tidy by the end of the day.

Wednesday 7th June – 4C Class Party and Laptops Going Home. The party planning committee will be sending out the plan and request for food items by the end of the week. Laptops will be going home on this day. It’s important that everyone has either a laptop carrying case or padded backpack.

Thursday 8th June – Last Day of School. Goodbyes, yearbook signing, games and reflections. Bring a board game to play with your friends. Dismissal is at 2:20 pm.




The final blog instalment by 4C’s student teacher Ms.Cheng. 4C thank her for all her hard work and superb teaching. We wish her all the best on her next practicum in Toronto. 

This week 4C students are in the heat of drafting their natural disaster narratives. We learned how to include dialogues in our writing, as well as descriptive language to engage our readers through their five senses. Students spent time giving each other peer feedback and are very enthusiastic about developing their own stories. Many even spent extra hours at home engrossed in the writing process. Well done, 4C writers!

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 9.04.23 AM

We began the writing process by planning our narratives using a categorising brain frame.

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 9.06.14 AM

During the drafting process, we asked our peers to give us specific feedback on our use of descriptive language in portraying the natural disaster.

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 9.07.21 AM

The writing process can sometimes get messy – we go back and forth between our plan, our drafts and assessment tools to continuously improve our stories.

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 9.45.06 AM

Author’s Chair: We like to end each writing workshop session listening to parts of our peers’ narratives and offering them with compliments and suggestions. We found it helpful to close our eyes to better visualize the story.

In Math, we continued to inquire into probability, and are intrigued by the discrepancy we repeatedly found between the experimental probability and the theoretical probability. Through conducting various probability tests, we also discovered that many of us have some strong-held misconceptions on the topic.

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 9.46.07 AM

On Friday, the LSSC elected the upcoming school year’s house leaders. Congratulations to Lauren, Oliver and Owen for courageously delivering speeches in front of a large crowd, and for each winning a seat in the council! We are very proud of you. Thank you also to everyone who participated in the election by voting!

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 9.47.05 AM

We ended the week with a farewell party for Ms. Cheng.

Thank you 4C for the most fantastic experience a student teacher could ever hope for. I have learned so much from every single one of you, and have been blown away by your enthusiasm and love for learning. You have impacted me as an educator in significant ways and I will be carrying forward our wonderful memories into my future teaching practices. I look forward to seeing you again in the future!


Body Science, Coding and Child Labour

by stevebrown on May 21, 2017

Another great post by Ms.Cheng, 4C’s student teacher…

This week 4C inquired further about natural disasters. We explored on how organizations work together to respond to the needs of victims in a natural disaster. We recognized that there are multiple players involved in providing immediate relief and these roles are interconnected to each other. During writing workshop, students had the opportunity to apply their knowledge about natural disasters by creating their own narratives surrounding a specific natural disaster event. Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 8.47.26 AM

On Monday, Ms. Fung challenged us to use our coding skills to create various shapes and letters with Scratch. We were able to problem solve and come up with multiple ways to meet the challenge.

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 8.48.50 AM

On Tuesday, we participated in a child labour simulation organized by the L.S. L.E.A.P. The team did an outstanding job in helping us get a glimpse of how it would be like to be confined in an oppressive environment and be forced to work labouriously from dawn till dusk every day as a child. Students reflected on the impactful experience on their blogs afterwards.

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 8.49.46 AM

On Thursday, Ms. Williams kick-started the body science unit by helping us understand some of the changes that take place in our bodies during puberty. We also learned about the scientific names of various body parts. We are encouraged to discuss any questions we may have with our parents, and to leave a question in the body science question box.

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 8.50.52 AM

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 8.51.28 AM

Happy Birthday to Caitlyn and Aidan! Thank you for sharing the delicious cupcakes with us. We hope you’ve had a wonderful celebration with friends and family this week!



  • Think of a story idea for Writing Workshop. We are using I Survived Hurricane Katrina as our mentor text. You will be writing a similar story about a natural disaster. (Due Wednesday)


  • Visit your natural disaster inquiry partners’ blogs. Comment on their Natural Disaster Project Self-Reflection post. Do you agree with what they wrote about collaboration? Did they include all the steps in the process? (Due Thursday)

4C Business: 

  • Have your mom or dad sign the Community Walks letter by Wednesday. 


Last Week in 4C

by stevebrown on May 15, 2017

The following instalment was written by Ms.Cheng, 4C’s Student Teacher. 

The 4C Champions just had a busy and productive week filled with many exciting experiences. Some highlights include completing three sets of trial MAP tests, conducting research and presenting our findings on various natural disasters, exploring different types of art forms at the “Make, Create, Collaborate” event, sharing our STP writings with students in 2E, throwing Ms. Cheng a birthday surprise, and hearing our guest speaker Mr. Graeme speak about his first hand experience with natural disasters.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 11.03.48 AM

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 11.03.59 AM

Through the natural disasters research project, students demonstrated strong collaboration skills and many wish to explore further on the details of different types of natural disasters. On Friday, Mr. Graeme, a former HK policeman, delivered an engaging presentation that helped us to learn about how people respond to natural disasters in HK. With this new knowledge, we are ready to inquire further into how people and organizations work together to prepare for and deliver relief when natural disasters happen.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 11.13.11 AM

On Thursday, we had a special opportunity to visit class 2E and share our Sharing the Planet unit writing pieces with our young audience. Students practiced using their effective public speaking skills. We noticed that speaking more slowly, making eye contact and providing explanations along the way had helped to better engage our young audience.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 11.14.33 AM

At the Make, Create, Collaborate event, students had the opportunity to engage in various art forms and explore on innovative technology. We explored on using 3D doodle pens and green screens, knitting and sewing, African drumming, making musical instruments using recyclable items, and many students also enjoyed the open-mic karaoke station.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 11.15.40 AM

Happy birthday Ms. Cheng – we succeeded at surprising her after our MAP tests and enjoyed some cake together. We don’t think she is that old yet!




  • Read at least 20 minutes per night
  • We are sharing our stories/poems/information writing with 2E on Thursday. I recommend you take your writing home to practise reading. We will be trying to hold the attention of 7 year olds!! Tough job!

4C Business:

  • House Day on Friday.




  • Read at least 20 minutes per night

4C Business:

  • Make sure you read through and vote for One More Time…
  • Student Led learning Reviews are on Friday 28th April. Ensure you’re on time.


The Champions Welcome Sarah Cheng

by stevebrown on April 21, 2017

Starting next week, Sarah Cheng, a student teacher, will be completing the final stage of her teacher training in 4C. Ms.Cheng joins us from the University of Toronto. She will be working in 4C as a 4 week practicum, spending the first week familiarizing herself with class routines and structures, as well as getting to know the students. By the fourth week, I will be supporting Ms.Cheng in planning and teaching lessons. Here is a short introduction written by Ms.Cheng:

Growing up between Canada and Hong Kong, I had the privilege to experience both the local education system and attend CDNIS for a few years. I am currently working towards a Master of Arts degree in Child Study and Education at OISE, University of Toronto. After completing my undergraduate studies in Psychology and Global Development at Queen’s University, I co-founded a grassroots mentorship and character-building program in Shanghai, China. The program addresses the educational needs of the underprivileged children of Chinese migrant workers. I also worked as a Grade 2 classroom teacher in a bilingual school in Shanghai for two years, which then led me to pursue further education in the field. All these experiences have affirmed my passion in working with children. I look forward to getting to know each of you and learn alongside the 4C Champions in the next two months!


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