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Please note that all weekly 1E updates will be shared through SeeSaw.

The 1E blog will continue to be used to post general information regarding our units of inquiry, class timetable, essential agreement, etc.  Please refer to the appropriate tabs.

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1E Blog – August 20 – 24

Next Week: ASAs begin on Monday, August 27th (*dance classes begin September 7th).
August 31: Dress Down Day
September 11: Grade 1-3 Curriculum Night
September 27/28: 3-Way learning Conversations

HAT – Hats must be worn in order to go out onto the playground at recess. Please send one labelled with your child’s name to leave at school.
PE uniform should be worn on Monday and Thursday. 

CLASS MOM/DAD – If you are interested in being the class Mom/Dad for 1E please send me an email stephaniehudswell@cdnis.edu.hk to let me know you are interested. I promise I am not too demanding with the work load!

The 1E blog is where I will put basic information regarding the class, links, and any other important dates for school. It is easy to access – here is the link.  http://sites.cdnis.edu.hk/teachers/stephaniehudswell/

I usually update it once a week on a Friday with important dates, but will use SeeSaw as our primary form of communication. It is very important you read the updates to help you and your child keep up to date with what is going on in class.

Important will be recorded in your child’s COMMUNICATION BOOK. Please check this book each day. If you have a message for me please write them in the book. Changes to home routines must be recorded here. It is difficult to check email regularly throughout the day so I may not read an email message until after the children have left for home.

There will be times that something unforeseen comes up last minute, please call the school directly so that a message is brought to me. Please do NOT email me changes to home routines on that given day. Thanks for your understanding and help with this.

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Grade 1 Assembly Dates 2018-19

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Welcome to 1E!

Dear Parents,

Welcome to 1E! We are so looking forward to working with your child this year and getting to know you better as the year progresses. Today was a great start to the school year and the children are adjusting to new routines and the excitement that comes along with starting a new school year. 1E is a very dynamic, diverse group and they seem to compliment each other very nicely. 

Stay tuned for more information about our week and important dates to make note of.

Stephanie and Jenny


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