Parent coffee morning- May 30 2018- Talk by Dr. Michele Bland.

Our children are watching: what is our marriage communicating?-Talk by Dr. Michele Bland.

Studies show that the quality of parents’ marriage has great influence on a child’s future physical and mental well-being. Parents model and teach their children important lessons of intimacy, communication and conflict resolution. So, what are we modelling?
Dr. Michele Bland has worked with couples to prepare them for marriage, as well as, couples struggling in relationships.


Empathy Is Tough to Teach, But Is One Of the Most Important Life Lessons

Dr. Brown says empathy consists of four qualities: the ability to take the perspective of another person, staying away from judgment, recognizing emotion in others, and communicating it. She defines empathy as “feeling with people,” and notes that it’s a “vulnerable choice” because it requires a person to tap into something personal that identifies with the struggle of another.

Mental Health

Mental Health

Supporting Students With Chronic Trauma

De-escalation strategies can help prevent students’ emotional outbursts, and aid them and their peers in finding calm after one.

Parenting Talk by Dr Minna Chau

8 Feb 2018- “I just want my child to be happy” The wish and reality.

As parents, we always want the best for our child, to rush to help, soothe, and fix, it’s only natural. In this coffee morning , Dr. Minna Chau, Clinical Child Psychologist shared her insight from years of working with children and research findings on how a certain kind of devotion to happiness creed hurts in the long run, rather than help.

Book suggestion-

Meet the Teen Who Discovered the Secret of Social Capital

Children with status erroneously believe that the reason untouchables have no social status is because they are repulsive, but in truth, it is precisely the reverse. The lack of social status is what makes an untouchable appear repulsive. This is why the single most effective peer intervention for eliminating bullying is for children to befriend.

When Natalie invited to her lunch table a girl who would later become one of her best friends, she had no way of knowing that until that day, that girl had felt so lonely and hopeless that she had contemplated suicide. Being welcomed into a group of friends saved her life.

All it takes is one person to make a world of difference. ♦

Natalie was willing to give up her social capital, but she discovered that when a person has friends, spending social capital by befriending those without it lifts people up without bringing anyone down. If “sit with us” became the ethos in middle school, bullying would be a thing of the past.

Mindfulness at CDNIS

Parent talk- 28 Nov 2017

by Cathy Ziengs MBSR Teacher, Mindfulness Facilitator.

Mindfulness is all about learning to direct our attention to our experience
as it unfolds, moment by moment, with open-minded curiosity, kindness
and acceptance. Rather than worrying about what has happened or might
happen, it trains us to explore and respond skilfully to whatever is
happening right now.