Goodbye Grade 5… and on to Grade 6!!

Summer has arrived!!! It’s hard to believe that this year has gone by so quickly! Looking back over our class blog posts this year brought back so many wonderful memories – our bag of water and catapult experiments, the CNY fair, ice skating, fascinating My Time projects, fantastic performances and, most importantly, lots of laughter!

5C wishes all the best to our leaving students Daniel, Yasmine, Dominic and Catherine. I hope that everyone has a great summer full of fun and relaxation, and can’t wait to see the new Grade 6’s in the new school year.

Happy holidays!

Ms. Campbell


And don’t forget to read this summer!! If you need some ideas about book recommendations please head to Ms. Williams’ Summer Reading list :)


End of Year Celebration – Big Wave Bay

Our Grade 5 field trip to Big Wave Bay is tomorrow, June 9th! Please remember to pack these items:

  • sunscreen
  • hat
  • water bottle
  • snacks
  • lunch
  • swimsuit
  • a towel
  • change of clothes (optional)
  • Max $100 (optional)

Students may also bring water toys or boards that can be used for swimming.

Home Learning – 1st June, 2015

Item 1) Maths Mate Sheet T4S5 (Due Fri)

Item 2) Poetry Memorization (Due Fri)

Select a poem that you would like to memorize and present to the class. It should be at least 8 lines long. You can choose from poems we have looked at in class such as Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost, Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein (we will look at this poem during P6 today), or I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou etc. Or you can choose another poem from our poetry library or from one you may have in a book at home. Think about rhythm, emphasis and speaking clearly. Be prepared to present your poem on Friday to a group.

Item 3) Read 20mins every evening.

This Week in 5C

This week, Grade 5 students had the opportunity to test out Maker Space activities in the library. Thanks Ms. Williams!

photo 4 photo 3 photo 2photo 1

5C also presented a whole range of interesting My Time projects to their classmates, from jewellery making, soap carving, sewing, 3D drawing and baking to live singing performances and impressions. Students demonstrated their independent learning and research through this presentation and it was great to see such a wide range of interests and inquiry.

20150529_093358 20150529_093419 20150529_094754


With only two weeks left to go we are finishing up our unit on pattern and function in math. In literacy, students continue to work on their finalized poetry journals and are now writing their book reports.

Message from the Library

The end of the year is quickly approaching and all library books need to be returned for the summer inventory. Friday, June 5 is the last date to pay for lost or damaged materials before the unpaid charges are forwarded to the Accounts Department and added to your child’s school fees for the next academic year. (Please note that the library cannot refund payments if books are returned during the summer or the next academic year.) The fee for a lost/damaged book is $90 for Lower School and $180 for Upper School payable by cash or cheque made out to CDNIS. If you have any questions please contact one of our teacher librarians: Shannon Eves at (Pre Reception to Grade 2), Colleen Williams (Grades 3-6), Joanne Jalsevac at (Grades 7-12) or Jun Niu (Chinese Library). Thank you for your help!

Home Learning – 26th May, 2015

Item 1) Maths Mate Sheet T4S4 (Due Fri)

Item 2) Unit of Inquiry: Weekly Wellness Tracker (Due next Monday)

Every day this week you will be keeping a journal to track your sleep, mood, food and water intake, and exercise. This will allow you to make observations about your health and lifestyle choices.

You should also write down five questions you have about these areas (for example: What is the ideal amount of sleep children should get every night?). We will discuss your findings next Monday.

Item 3) Final book club chapters and summary sheet (Due Weds)

Reminders: Dioramas should be taken home this week and all portfolios should be returned to the classroom.

This week in 5C

This week in 5C students got to watch (and act in!) a fantastic Faust Splat! performance that brought a range of poetic styles to the stage. Performers acted out narratives, limericks, couplets and ballads in a fun and captivating way.



Students also participated in a Grade 9 Civics Simulation, where they had to imagine themselves in a number of different situations to better understand global issues such as obesity, racism, disability and animal extinction. This was a very rewarding experience for both Grade 9 and Grade 5 students, and many came away with a new understanding of some of these issues.

20150519_094004  20150519_094508 20150519_094727 20150519_095707   20150519_101731 20150519_102041


In UoI we continue to make observations about changes we experience throughout our lives, and students have been documenting the physical, social and emotional changes they have experienced so far. In math we are now starting our unit on pattern and function, which will be our final math focus for the year. This week was the final Digitime session in Digital Artwork, Movie Making, Animation, Photography and Soundscapes. Students produced amazing work so please ask your child what they worked on and learned about during this time.

With only three more weeks until the end of school please make sure that students bring their portfolios back to the classroom so that new work can be added. Have a lovely weekend!


Grade 5 Math Reports

Dear Grade 5 Parents,

For this reporting period Grade 5 have reported on the following mathematical strands:

Number: Fractions, Decimals & Percentages – modeling equivalence, converting and simplifying fractions, explaining relationships

Space & Shape – 2D and 3D shapes, inquire into transformational geometry and coordinate points

Data Handling – probability, calculating the mean, mode, median and range of data

Measurement – area, perimeter, volume, estimation, unit conversion and angles

Pattern & Function – identifying a range of patterns and describing rules and functions

Please be reminded that the math reporting format is arranged in 7 strand-related continua. Each continuum features specific ‘I can’ success criteria which, when highlighted in yellow, show your child’s current knowledge and understanding. You can navigate the continua by using the tabs at the bottom. Please refer to the email you will receive from the Lower School Vice Principal to find the specific link to view your child’s individualized continua.

The attached FAQ sheet may help you when reading your child’s set of math continua. Math Continuum_FAQ