Home Learning – 26th January, 2015

by sanjaylalwani on January 26, 2015

Home Learning for this Week 

Item 1) Book club chapters and worksheet (Due Weds)

Item 2) Fractions booklet pg. 1&2 (Due Fri)

Item 3) Blog Photo Journal (Due Fri)

For this blog post: Minecraft Final Reflection

 Now that we are wrapping up our Minecraft Community project it’s time to reflect on our work and evaluate the effectiveness of our individual groups. Your blog post should include:

- Screenshots or a ‘fly through’ video of your Minecraft community

- A reflection on how you progressed as a group. In which areas did you improve? (cooperation, resolving conflict, group decision making etc.)

- An evaluation of your overall effectiveness as a group. Did you achieve your goals? Why/why not.


Portfolios should be returned to school this week. My Time research can always be continued at home – this week is a good time to make any changes to your proposal and make sure that plans are realistic and achievable.


This Week in 5C

by sanjaylalwani on January 24, 2015

This week in 5C, students presented their Organization Posters to their classmates and explained the structure, operations and impact of their chosen team, charity or company. Students put a lot of effort into researching and putting together their presentations and did a great job of keeping their audience enthusiastic and engaged. As we begin to wrap up our current UoI, students will be reflecting on their own group work skills during the Minecraft city activity and posting to their blogs.

In math, we have been focusing on multiple strategies for comparing fractions. Next week, students will demonstrate their knowledge of these strategies and will help to teach others through an explanatory video, poster, performance etc. Students are encouraged to continue practicing their multiplication and division facts at home as we move into mixed numbers and improper fractions.

Today was CDNIS’s first Care Fair. More than 30 NGO’s and charity organizations in Hong Kong came to speak with students about ways to take action and help their community. Each year, school houses (Orca, Raven, Bears, Mountain Lion) choose to support two charities, with the money raised from dress down days going towards these organizations.



Great European Carnival field trip – important update

January 23, 2015

We are all getting excited about the trip that we will be going on next week to see the carnival in action and to see how all the different people work together to form an event. A couple of details have changed with the field trip are below: – Students will wear PE kit – […]

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Math Learning Continuums

January 21, 2015

If you were unable to attend the sessions hosted by PYP Math Coordinator, Ellen Manson and Math Specialist, Jeff Reynolds, please click here to view the video presentation relating to the new Math Continuums which you recently received alongside the Progress Report for your son/daughter.

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Home Learning – 19th January, 2015

January 19, 2015

Home Learning for this Week (Due Friday) Item 1) Maths Mate Sheet – Term 3 Sheet 1. Item 2) Blog Photo Journal – Writing to Describe For this blog post: Describe a strong memory based upon a smell.

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This Week in 5C

January 16, 2015

We were very lucky this week in grade 5 with two separate guest speakers talking to us about our current unit. A big thank you to Alex Gibbs from the Great European Carnival for explaining the inner workings of the organization and teaching us just how complex it is to put together an event of […]

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Grade 5 Tutoring Sessions

January 15, 2015

A team of enthusiastic students from grades 10 and 11 will offer tutoring sessions this term to provide mentorship and to enhance student learning for students in grades 5. The tutors will address the individual needs of each student by creating appropriate lessons and activities. The tutor sessions – intended to focus on helping students […]

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Home Learning – 12th, January 2015

January 12, 2015

Home Learning for this Week (Due Friday) Item 1) Maths Mate Sheet – Term 2 Sheet 8. Item 2) Blog Photo Journal – Writing to Describe For this blog post: Describe an object that you have at home. Create a word web first to gather adjectives and useful words. Don’t reveal what the object is, we […]

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This Week in 5C

January 10, 2015

This week in 5C we started a Book Club with 5 novels to choose from. Book club groups decided on the number of chapters to read for the next four weeks and will meet together on Wednesdays to discuss. In our Unit of Inquiry we researched the structure and operations of specific international organizations. We […]

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Guest Speakers?

January 8, 2015

For our current Unit of Inquiry (How We Organize Ourselves), 5C is looking for guest speakers to talk to us about how “Individuals and communities are affected by the structure and operation of organisations”. We are looking for someone to explain the structure of an organisation or company that you are familiar with, work at, or […]

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