Chinese Culture

Chinese New Year/ Spring Festival

1. What is the Spring Festival/Chinese New Year?
Watch this English introduction of the Spring Festival’s traditions.

2. What do people do during the Spring Festival?
Here are some traditional customs about the Chinese New Year.

3.What is the legend about the Nian monster?

4.What foods to eat or avoid when celebrating CNY?

5. What Chinese phrases and good wishes about the Spring Festival?

6. What Chinese Songs about the Spring Festival?

Here are some popular songs about the Chinese New Year.


If you are interested in finding more about the Chinese New Year, please click the link here and explore more.

恭喜发财!gōng xǐ fā cái

新年快乐!xīn nián kuài lè

Chinese Lunar Calendar & Zodiac

1. What is Chinese lunar Calendar?


2. How do I know what is the date today on the Chinese lunar calendar?

Please find the online Chinese calendar here. You may try to type in your birthday to find out your zodiac sign on this website.

3. Why Chinese people created the lunar calendar?

For agricultural reasons, it was really important for people to know the change of the season and weather. Ancient Chinese people created the lunar calendar to show the change of 24 session of the weather in one lunar year. Find more about the lunar calendar here.

4. What is the coming Chinese zodiac year?

The coming Chinese new year is the year of goat. If you were born on the year of goat, you might be gentle and thoughtful. Please find more about the zodiac characteristics here.

5. Why these 12 animals? What’s the legend?

Please check out the videos below.

Mid Autumn Festival

How to make mooncake

Story about Mid-Autumn Festival:朱元璋借饼起义


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