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G6 MSL Home Learning Last post for 2018-2019

Dear G6 MSL students,

Thank for your good work this year. I’m so proud of your efforts in learning Chinese.  I hope you could keep practicing Chinese during the summer holiday. Here are some tips on the practice of Chinese during the summer holiday.

  • Use the course overview to review and scan QR code to consolidate understanding.
  • Use The Chairman’s Bao to learn Chinese through social issues, you may use the article to practice reading, writing, listening and speaking.*HSK1 and HSK2 are highly recommended
    • Reading & Writing: Read the article without the help of pinyin, try to find out the 5W& 1H in the article and guess the main idea of the article. After you find out the 5W&1 H, read the article again and try to retell the content or summarise the content with your own words.
    • Listening: Listen to the audio file and try to understand the content, and then use the Keywords to find out the main idea of the article.
    • Typing: Type out the content with pinyin input.
    • Speaking: Read aloud the content with or without pinyin.
    • Vocabulary: Choose either 5 of the new keywords, proper nouns and grammar, use it for making sentences or mini-story.

Thank you again for a fantastic year.  Have a safe and fun-filled summer with family and friends, and I look forward to seeing many of you again in August!


Ms Sandy

G6 MSL Home Learning May 16

Review the value of Chinese people and finish your group’s task.

  • Group 1: Use “Venn Diagram” to share what’s Chinese people value and your home country’s value (the same and different)
  • Group 2: Sharing the 4 characters that we talk about “家 、朋、钱、孝” with Y-chat
  1. what did you see
  2. what did you know
  3. what did you feel


PYP/MYP Chinese Studies Coffee morning Monday May 20, 8 – 9am, LLAC lobby

Are your child in G5 or G6 this year, and is getting ready for MYP in the new Middle School Division in next academic year? Are you a new CDNIS parent this year? Are you interested to know more about PYP/MYP Chinese programs? Are you wondering how your child will be placed for the next academic year’s Chinese classes? Please join Penny Pan (Director of Chinese) for Chinese Studies Parent Coffee Morning at8 – 9:00 am on Monday, May 20 at LLAC Lobby. She will introduce CDNIS Chinese PYP/MYP Program in details and will be there to answer any questions that you may have.