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G5 MSL Home learning Apr 19

  • The Rubric and the assessment task of FA Viewing and Presenting sent home today. Please prepare it. We will have an assessment on April 23. Please go to Google classroom to get the details information.
  • There are some students not yet hand in their Lesson 5 and 6 workbook, please hand it in asap.
  • Bring Reading folder back on coming Monday and finish one reading report.

G5 MSL Home learning Apr 18

  • HWOO study guide sent home today. Please review part 1 & part 2, we will have a Reading assessment on coming Friday.
  • Answer the guided questions of the Case study in details on your pink book. We will practice the assessment during class tomorrow.

G5 MSL Home learning Mar 21

according to  “I want Buns” story,  answer the following question in the Pink book

谁去这个餐厅?他觉得餐厅怎么样?为什么?*pleasen use as much sentence structure and description words to express your idea. For example:

  • Sentence structure:既…又…;又…又;不但…而且;
  • Descriptive words:安全、味道好、好看、不太贵、环境干净、健康、交通方便、服务好etc

G5 MSL Home learning Mar 19

  • Lesson 4 workbook due on coming Friday, please finish workbook p. 6-8 today.
  • Bring Reading report back on Wednesday.
  • Finish Lesson 4 typing exercise and turn in via google classroom by Wednesday.
  • Practice Lesson 4 retelling. We will have retelling activity on Thursday.
  • Please bring headset to Chinese class on Thursday.

G5 MSL Home learning Mar 15

  • Personal inquiry part 1 will due on Coming Friday, please check google classroom and finish it accordingly.
  • Review the following target phrases and read the mini-story, we will have a weekly assessment of the following Red words.
  • Review the following target phrases

Review 我要吃包子 target phrases with the help of Quzielt.