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G5 MSL Home Learning September 24

    1. Give me 5 Finish All target phrases and use the target phrases to make your mini story.
    2. Mid-Autumn Festival research (G5 WWS Moon Festival) due on Oct 5.
    3. Review and well prepare your Chinese reflection, we will have a discussion during 3-way learning review. (Please check Google classroom for details)
    4. Review learned target phrases with Quzilet, we will have a quiz on Oct 5.

G5 MSL Home Learning September 13

Quizlet revision. Please follow the steps to finish it.

step 1: login with your own account  

username: your first name +cdnis( for example sandycdnis)


Step 2: Go to class MSL5 ST and find G5 MSL WWA Descriptive words (Personalities) 性格

Step 3: Practice and review the Quizlet set G5 MSL WWA Descriptive words (Personalities) 性格 with the following function.

G5 MSL Home Learning September 10

  • Reminder: Bring computer to Chinese class tomorrow.
  • Weekly assessment sign. (Please remind that this is a trial, the grade will not show in their report card.) For the next assessment, teacher will inform students in advance for well preparation.
  • Shares with parents “How to be a good digital citizenship when using a computer for learning”