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G2 MFL Home learning Mar 8

Read the Mini story and finish the following task:

  1. circle 5 characters which are “Top & Bottom structure” in Red
  2. Circle 5 characters which are “Left & Right structure” in Pink.
  3. Color  Monkey King’s clothes and dress according to the reading comprehension.

G2 MFL Home Learning Feb 8 – 14

Dear G2 MFL parents and students,

I wish you a happy Year of the Dog!

Due to the closure of school, G2 MFL students may have some independent learning time at home. They may do the following tasks from Feb 8 to Feb 14.

1. Pinyin learning. Please watch the video and sing the pinyin/tone song. Students are expected to recognize and pronounce the pinyin in correct tones.

2.Pinyin practice through online games.

Game 1: (Click on the speaker to follow along.)

Game 2: (Click on “开始” to start the game. Choose the pinyin and the tone for each character. 1,2,3,4 represent 4 tones)

Game 3: (Click on “开始游戏” to start the game. Choose the tone for each character.)

3. Time phrases learning via Quizlet. Students are expected to tell the time in Chinese.

4. Daily routine learning via Quizlet. Students are expected to tell the daily routine and activities in Chinese.

5. Personalised timetable worksheet. Please complete your own timetable with reference to time phrases and daily routine phrases. We may share the timetables after the break.

Please stay healthy and see you after CNY break!


Best wishes,

Sandy Laoshi