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G2 Chinese Assembly Invitation 二年级中文周会邀请

亲爱的二年级家长们 :

我们在这个周五(四月十三日)在学校有早会的安排,是所有二年的小朋友们用中文进行的早会,我们班的小朋友会负责中间的一个部分。如果您有时间,请于四月十三日上午9:30am到学校六楼Alan Dick Forum提早入座,共同庆祝他们开学到现在的中文学习成果!由于整个年级的学生都要表演,可能位置有限,先到先得。如果您没办法来参加,也没有关系,我下周会把学生表演的视频分享给您!



Dear G2 parents,

We will conduct an assembly in Chinese on Friday (13th April). Our class will be responsible for one programme in it. If you have time, please join us on 13th April from 9:30-10:05 am at school 6/F Alan Dick Forum to celebrate their learning!  As the whole grade will perform, the audience seats will be limited on first come first served basis. If you cannot make the time, I will also share the performance video with you next week!

Thanks for your constant support!

Ms Sandy