G6 MSL Home Learning Last post for 2018-2019

Dear G6 MSL students,

Thank for your good work this year. I’m so proud of your efforts in learning Chinese.  I hope you could keep practicing Chinese during the summer holiday. Here are some tips on the practice of Chinese during the summer holiday.

  • Use the course overview to review and scan QR code to consolidate understanding.
  • Use The Chairman’s Bao to learn Chinese through social issues, you may use the article to practice reading, writing, listening and speaking.*HSK1 and HSK2 are highly recommended
    • Reading & Writing: Read the article without the help of pinyin, try to find out the 5W& 1H in the article and guess the main idea of the article. After you find out the 5W&1 H, read the article again and try to retell the content or summarise the content with your own words.
    • Listening: Listen to the audio file and try to understand the content, and then use the Keywords to find out the main idea of the article.
    • Typing: Type out the content with pinyin input.
    • Speaking: Read aloud the content with or without pinyin.
    • Vocabulary: Choose either 5 of the new keywords, proper nouns and grammar, use it for making sentences or mini-story.

Thank you again for a fantastic year.  Have a safe and fun-filled summer with family and friends, and I look forward to seeing many of you again in August!


Ms Sandy