Monthly Archives: January 2019

G5 MSL Home Learning Jan 29

  • We will have a viewing and listening assessment on Thursday which is related to test student’s understanding of the central idea and teacher questions, please review STP study guide and unit overview in the STP pink project book.
  • Two Reading reports will due on Feb 12.

G6 MSL Home Learning Jan 21

1. Summative Assessment Preparation

Finalise the WWPT Wong Chuk Hang Project Slide tonight

  • Add details to the individual page
  • Decide on the Economic Activity and work on the proposal, telling what, why and how
    • What is the selected Economic Activity that will meet people’s needs in Wong Chuk Hang
    • Why do you select this specific economic activity?
    • How does it meet people’s need?

On-stage Presentation: Jan 28 & 30 *Maybe changed

G5 MSL Elderly Home Visit Important Reminders

Date: Jan 24 (Thursday)

Time: 9:10am meet in CCC Ming classroom

Dress code: 1. As discussed and decided by individual performance group; 2. with CNY feel (happy); 3. Appropriate

* Please practice your individual part at home or in school as a group when you have time.

* If you help with extra gift-bag making, please return to the Chinese teachers as soon as possible by Wednesday. Thank you.