Another Memorable Year….Thank You Everyone!! Bye 2016!

Dear students and parents,
It’s always an unfortunate time of the year when School comes to an end!
Thank you for my Grade 2 MFL, Grade 4 MSL, Grade 5 MSL and G6 MSL students. You are all truly amazing – not just because you’re super talented and skilled at what you do, but because of the generous spirit with which you share.

I would like to share this video at the end of the school year. Hope you can learn from the speaker.

Enjoy your great summer!
Ms Sandy

MSL5 May 24

Review the following phrases for tomorrow assessment.

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 1.32.56 PM


We still Missing 4 Reading programme Storybook, please help to find it back.

  • 我们帮忙做家务 (314422)
  • 海上花园(319272)
  • 会变色的裙子(319264)
  • 妈妈的怀抱(319282)