June 8, 2018

Dates to Remember

Monday, August 13: Opening Day of Uniform Shop at School

Friday, August 17: Lower School Open House

Monday, August 20: First Day for Lower School

From One Door

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From the Library

Dear Parents of Grade 3,

Thank you for the gift card! I had a lot of fun teaching your kids this year. It’s always amazing to see how grade 3 students change and mature from August to June!

Enjoy your summer – so much time for reading! This year kids and parents can check out library books for the summer, plus everyone can read ebooks on OverDrive all year long. (The username and password are both their student number. Email me if you need help.)

Cheers and happy reading!


It may have been the last week of school but it was still full of learning. For the unit of inquiry, the students selected a debate topic and worked with a partner to formulate their arguments for or against the statement. Some students realized it was difficult to generate ideas for a statement they disagreed with. During the debates, each child spoke and listened respectfully.

The students enjoyed travelling to other classes during our math rotations. They participated in hands-on activities about probability, mass and capacity, and money. We also finished our unit on elapsed time.

The children also enjoyed a couple of end of year activities. On Tuesday, they received their yearbooks and loved flipping through the pages looking for themselves and friends. They had the opportunity to get the books signed by friends from all of the grade 3 classes. A highlight was when the Vice-Principal stopped by to say good-bye and sign yearbooks.

Near the end of the week, the card and board games celebration was a big hit. The relaxed atmosphere was filled with the laughter of children being kids.

Lastly, the children started their summer holidays only a few minutes ago and the classroom already feels so empty! I really hope they stop by for a visit once they’re in Grade 4.

I wish you all a fun-filled summer with family and friends.